Monday, October 25, 2021

Money Talks, The Pony Walks

No, I'm not talking about the fortune The Pony is making with his overtime and double time at 70 hours per week. I'm talking about The Pony's sometimes mule-like behavior.

Sunday night, we were expecting severe thunderstorms. High winds and hail. At least according to the TV meteorologists. I have a high level of distrust in them, after so many disappointments in snow days that never materialized, back when I was working. But if there's a chance of severe weather, I like to be forewarned. Even though I'm in the basement anyway, safe in my lair.

The Pony miraculously finished his job at 2:30 on Sunday, after only six hours of work, because ALL 6 scheduled employees showed up for their shifts! He treated himself with a trip to Walmart to buy socks and deodorant and wine, and then came home to make himself hamburgers while I was gone to town. That's because we make each other nervous when he's in my kitchen.

Anyhoo... Hick got home around 5:30. We were discussing the impending weather. I suggested that The Pony might want to park his Nissan Rogue under the carport, since hail was expected. Hick agreed, and said there should be room if he moved the Gator. Heh, heh. That's how low The Pony is on the pecking order. He's been back here since last May, and his car sits in the open, while the Gator is under roof.

Anyhoo... we called to The Pony, who was relaxing in his room with computer games before his nightly 2-hour soak in the big triangle tub in the master bathroom.

"Pony! Come out and let's move your car under the carport. A storm is coming."

"I'm good. I'm alright with my car sitting out."

Hick demanded that The Pony come out to talk. He did.

"Let's walk out and do it right now, before your bath."

"Are you sure of the storms? What kind of storm? It's sunny."

"It's tonight. Winds and hail, and maybe tornadoes. You don't want to get hail damage."

"I'm okay with that. It probably won't happen. It hasn't yet."

"The insurance has a $500 deductible. You have to pay the first $500 of repairs. If you do get hail damage."

"So you're okay with paying $500?"

"I'll get my key."

Heh, heh. Now that The Pony pays his own insurance and car expenses, he has different priorities. Also evidenced when Hick said he'd need The Pony's help on Tuesday, to load cabinets and take them over to Pony House and unload them.

"But it's my ONLY day off! I work 7 or 8 days in a row, and only get ONE day off!"

"I know you're tired. It's hard work. But I work, too. On you house. Nobody's paying me. If I can't get your help, I'll have to hire someone, and pay them to do it. Which comes out of the budget for the house, that you'll be paying back as you rent to own."

"Okay. I'll help."

Yes. A storm was brewing. A big storm, which hit around 8:15. We all got tornado warnings on our phones, to take cover. The Veteran called, and said the news showed a tornado right over us, on the radar. Hick of course went out on the porch to have a look. He said wind and hail. I'm writing this in the wee hours of Monday morning, so we don't know the damage yet.

However... The Veteran's in-laws had several trees fall, onto their vehicles, and perhaps on the corner of the house or garage. The Veteran was waiting for the next wave of red on the radar to pass before he took his chainsaw over to see if he could help. They live in the vicinity of Bill-Paying Town, about 20 miles south of us. I'm hoping everything is okay with them. They were in the basement, talking on the phone, the last I heard.

I also cautioned The Pony, who has to be at work to clock in at 6:00 A.M., to be alert for trees blocking the road, and possible high water on the low-water bridges. He's more concerned about breaking off a side mirror on a support pole when he backs his car out from the carport. It's a tight fit with SilverRedO. Wouldn't want to empty his tight pockets to repair a mirror...


  1. I just heard the tornado was an EF3! Hope everyone is safe.

    1. I hadn't seen that yet. As far as I know, people are okay, just property damage, like my stepson's inlaws house and vehicles. The Pony said three people missed work because of damage and loss of power at their homes.

  2. I've noticed over and over with kids, mine and others, their sudden change in ideas when the money they will be spending is their own and not their parents.

    1. Genius was outraged when he got his first check, and saw the withholding! Yes, it's amazing what they decide they can do without.

  3. we have family in Farmington, so it was scary for a while. They are okay and hope you are also. Still cannot post on my blog!

    1. Yes, the night tornadoes are scary! Hick can't stand on the porch and watch for them! We didn't even have any limbs down here. Glad everyone is okay. But sorry about the loss of your blog right now.