Tuesday, October 19, 2021

O Pecan Tree

O Pecan Tree, O Pecan Tree
How heavy are your branches
O Pecan Tree, O Pecan Tree
How fragile are your branches

Your boughs so green in summertime
Will soon be gone in wintertime
O Pecan Tree, O Pecan Tree
How heavy are your branches

Let the record show that PECAN tree is debatable. A couple of the tree-trimmers who came to inspect the tree and give an estimate were not sold on the pecan narrative. They said a pecan tree usually does not drop branches like the Pony House tree. Hick swears there are pecans in the yard that have fallen from the tree. I asked if maybe they were hickory nuts, but Hick swears they are pecans. As does THIS GUY, the one who sold us the $5000 Hick House.

Anyhoo... when we last convened to discuss the Pony House Pecan Tree, Hick was waiting on Tree-Trimmer Guy to get a license to do business in Sis-Town. Hick and I were discussing this very topic on Thursday evening when Hick got a text from Tree-Trimmer Guy, providing a picture of his city business license! I don't know what it cost. Hick thinks probably around $86, the cost of his building permit. He DID see on the copy that Tree-Trimmer Guy's business license is good until July 1, 2022.

Hick and Tree-Trimmer Guy met to finalize their contract on Friday afternoon. Tree-Trimmer Guy raised his price from $3000 to $3250, and Hick agreed. He is having the entire tree cut down, not just trimmed. I will worry less about it falling on Pony House that way, although I hate to lose such a large shade tree.

Tree-Trimmer Guy said he is working a regular job. He had been trying to get on with this guy for a while, and just got hired. So he will be cutting down Pony House Pecan Tree on the weekends. Except for Sundays. He doesn't work on Sundays. This does not bother Hick. He is not in a hurry, just happy to have the project underway. He went by on Saturday after closing his Storage Unit Store, to watch the process.

Hick says it is only Tree-Trimmer Guy and TTG Wife doing the trimming. Tree-Trimmer Guy climbs into the tree, secured by a safety harness, and crawls out onto a limb, which he ties off in a 4-foot section, then cuts and lowers it with a block-and-tackle. TTG Wife helps from the ground, and drags the brush out of the way, then hauls it off. Together they take the cut sections to the concrete pad up by the garage to stack it.
A story about that ladder coming up later! 

OOPSIE! One of the wood hunks fell onto the corner of Pony House! Hick told Tree-Trimmer Guy that he could fix the damage, or Hick would deduct money from his fee, and fix it himself. Tree-Trimmer Guy said he would fix it. Hick still holds the purse strings. He's not worried.

Hick came home Saturday afternoon to GET HIS TRACTOR! He loaded it on his trailer, and hauled it to Pony House. So Tree-Trimmer Guy and TTG Wife could use it to move the wood! Hick says insurance will cover any accidents. He is trying to make it easier for the Trimmers to move that wood up the slight hill to the concrete pad. "They can load it in the bucket of the tractor, and drive it up there."

Hick went over to the neighbor's house and knocked on the door, just to tell him that the Trimmers would be working there off and on. This one didn't want the power turned off like one of the other candidates. Neighbor Guy opened the door, and told Hick,

"Just a minute, I've got some money for you."

"I didn't come over to ask for money. Just to tell you they'll be working over here."

"Oh, I went and took out the money like I said. I knew they were working. I was watching, and the guy knocked his ladder over. I went to get it for him, so he could get out of the tree. His wife was gone in the truck, hauling off the brush when it happened."

Neighbor Guy gave Hick five $100 bills. Nice and crisp, but I'm pretty sure he's a smoker. Anyhoo... THAT'S a good neighbor! Let's hope nothing falls and smashes his property.


  1. It's a shame to lose a whole tree and the shade that goes with it. Perhaps The Pony could plant a new shade tree, a bit further away from the house, but on a side away from the neighbour. I love your song, I heard the German version every year at Christmas when I was little. Christmas tree, though, not Pecan tree. Tannenbaum.

    1. There is a tree in the front yard, so he won't totally be without shade. AND there's room for one on the other side, by his master bedroom, or even in the back yard, on the way to the garage.

      Yes, I stole another song! It's flattery! Not plagiarism!

  2. Not sure why the neighbor gave Hick $500,but I would knock on a few more houses.

    Tree trimming is pretty dangerous, those guys earn every penny.

    1. When Hick did his first walk through of Pony House, the neighbor came over and said he'd like to see that tree limb over his carport trimmed, and offered that $500 towards the job. If he'd known Hick planned on cutting down the tree anyway, he might not have ponied up any money!

      Hick could probably go door-to-door and take up a collection! He seems to have a gift for persuading people to pay him.

      I'm not sure Tree-Trimmer Guy is up to this task. I might have another story coming up, if I can get details from Hick.