Monday, May 3, 2021

The Tom Sawyer of Shackytown Boulevard

Hick is truly a silver-tongued devil. And my emphasis is NOT on silver, nor tongue.

Since Hick got his Gator, and since Genius left home for college, our second Gator-like vehicle gets no use. It has been parked for a long while over on Shackytown Boulevard. Hick thought he had a buyer last year, but the guy came to look at it, and never contacted Hick. 

The lesser Gator is called a Scout. I'm not sure of the manufacturer, but it's red instead of Gator green. Hick says it needs the carburetor rebuilt, and a new battery, and maybe a wire replaced that was possibly chewed by a squirrel. He's not asking top dollar. We don't need the money or the space. The Scout isn't hurting anything sitting along Shackytown Boulevard. I'm not even sure we pay insurance on it anymore. As Hick says, "It ain't eatin' nothin'."

Anyhoo... one of Hick's Storage Unit friends is looking for a vehicle to ride around the flea market. She has some recent health problems, and has a scooter. Hick says the scooter has hard plastic wheels, and riding it over the gravel surface at the Storage Units is rough on Flea Market Friend. It jolts her bones. Not that the Scout has a suspension system, but it DOES have rubber tires inflated with air. I'm pretty sure Hick replaced the tires when he was planning to sell it.

Storage Unit Friend and her husband came out to look at the Scout on Sunday after flea-marketing. Hick said he'd take $700 for it.

"I know it needs some work. You can take it to the shop, and see how much repairs will cost. If it's too much, I can take less. Just bring your trailer out and take it, and let me know."

Heh, heh! Hick is SUCH a Tom Sawyer! He has this guy hauling his broke-down lesser-Gator to the shop, paying for a consult, and then telling him what needs to be done for repairs. Saving himself the time and effort of doing so, while he gets a diagnostic report for free.

That Hick is a crafty one. He could have made a killing, re-selling items given to him for the opportunity to whitewash Aunt Polly's fence.


  1. I think that is only fair as I believe he knows $700 is a good deal. If they don't want it, I know of a used gator, very nice except it is not so good at floating.

    1. The non-floating Gator you know is a lot longer drive with a trailer. Might have to come down a little on the price, for the drive there and back to have it looked at in the shop...

  2. He is crafty for sure, it helps that others are willing to fall in with such schemes. Here someone is more likely to say, "you get it fixed and I'll come back for another look"

    1. It's like he hypnotizes them! When they look in Hick's eyes, they must be seeing those spinning striped circle thingies.

      I guess Hick is not planning to get it fixed on the off chance that somebody MIGHT want to buy it. He's rather let it sit. It ain't eatin' nothin', you know.

      Maybe he told them that, so they know it's up to them to check on repair costs if they're interested.