Sunday, May 16, 2021

Psycho the Ripper Is Still At Large

Remember the two bags of Dove Dark Chocolate squares that Hick gave me for Mother's Day? At the end of the day, The Pony volunteered to carry them downstairs for me. 

"Do you want them on the blue chair, by your Sixlets from Easter? Or in your office?"

"On the chair. I don't want them beside me! On the chair. I'm too lazy to go back out and get more."

Off went The Pony. On days he didn't work or go to training (very few!), he'd put two on my lunch tray as he carried it downstairs for me. Other days I went without. Not convenient to stop while carrying my own tray and a 44 oz Diet Coke and two bubba cups full of ice.

When The Pony was in Springfield for a week, I was on my own to fulfill my chocolate needs.

This is THE HORROR that greeted me when I went to fetch two tasty chocolates.


I'm pretty sure a bag of candy can be opened in a more... um... SANE way. I hope to beat him to the second bag, and snip the top evenly with my lair blue-handled scissors.

Psycho the Ripper must be stopped!


  1. Heh. When you ask the kids to help, you have to accept that help in any way it is given, unless you specify a clearly directed method.

    1. I had no idea I was required to say, "And when you open the bag, tear it evenly across the top, rather than diagonally through the middle."

      I'm pretty sure the package has a notch along the top edge, for just that purpose.

      Maybe I'll start serving The Pony's food on the bottom of a flipped-over plate. So he'll grasp the concept that you might be TECHNICALLY correct in what you're doing, although it's not the PREFERRED way for the majority of people.

  2. I would eat that dark chocolate here or there, I would eat it anywhere. I would eat it if the bag ios ripped, I would eat it if the bag is flipped...

    1. Oh, I still EAT it! But the bag is disturbing when I dip my hand in there.