Thursday, May 13, 2021

A Pony and a Carrier Walk Into a John

They write themselves, I tell ya!
The Pony came home from his first day on the job, excited to tell me of his experience.
"Oh, Mom. The bathroom we stopped at? It's at some convenience store over in Bill-Paying Town, where we did the route. It was BLUE!"
"What do you mean?"
"Look. I took a picture."
"That's weird. It's like a filter."

"Nope. It's the light."

"Supposedly, the blue light makes it hard to see your blue veins. So it cuts down on drug people going in there to shoot up."

Tuesday night, I had The Pony show Hick the pictures.
"Maybe it's for disinfecting."
"No. That's not blue light. That's black light. You don't want that in a bathroom, Dad! Black light shows BODY FLUIDS!"
Does this make anyone else think of that Valerie Bertinelli movie, In a Child's Name, where her husband kills her with his weightlifting set? Then his parents come to stay during the investigation of her disappearance, to take care of the baby, and when they turn out the light to go to bed the first night, SPLOTCHES OF BLUE GLOW ALL OVER THE ROOM! From the luminol that the police used to analyze the crime scene. Here's a 2-minute clip, but don't watch it right before bed!

To leave you with a more cheerful thought... The Pony said that blue bathroom had about a gallon of fluid in it!

LITERALLY! There was a random gallon jug of windshield wiper fluid in there. Maybe it was an impromptu doorstop. 

Every day an adventure.


  1. We used to have some blue bathrooms here in Adelaide, I don't know if they are still there, I tend to use others that aren't blue. I knew why they were blue, but wondered if it actually stopped anyone shooting up or if they just moved on to bathrooms where they could see.

    1. I had never heard of the blue bathrooms. The boys were SHOCKED during CasinoPalooza, to find SHARPS CONTAINERS mounted on the wall of casino restrooms.

      "Is everybody here a drug addict?" No. I doubt that the drug-shooters are going to be throwing away money in a casino, or passing by security to shoot up. Employees or the gamblers might be diabetic, and this protects the casino workers from being stuck through the trash bags.