Friday, May 7, 2021


Thursday had a split personality. Probably off his meds...

I had a doctor appointment at 8:00 a.m. Hick drove me there in T-Hoe, to drop me off at the door. On the way, rain started. I remember, because I had to tell Hick to turn on the windshield wipers. Funny thing about T-Hoe. Sometimes he starts those wipers automatically, with only a couple random drops hitting the windshield. Other times, rain pounds down and sluices across the glass, and you have to manually activate the wipers.

Anyhoo... my doctor (NURSE PRACTITIONER) said the oddest thing: "I won't keep you. Let's get you back out in the sunshine."

"Um. There wasn't any sunshine when I came in."

"Oh. Well, there was when I came in. We had to feed the cows this morning, and it looked like rain. But it was bright and sunny on the way here."

Yep. On the drive home, I even needed my sunglasses. But when I went back to town around noon for my magical elixir, the skies had clouded. I got sprinkled on. Then the sun came out. Then I saw purplish black clouds handing over Backroads as I proceeded there from my errands in Sis-Town. Lightning, too!

Coming down mailbox hill, a couple drops of rain hit T-Hoe's windshield. I parked in the road (because I can), and took a few steps to pull the mail out of EmBee. The downpour started. I was speckled with water as if somebody shook an old-timey water thingy on me before starting the ironing. Or maybe that's a current thing, and it just shows how long since I've even watched anybody do the ironing...

Anyhoo... I pulled T-Hoe into the garage, and immediately heard pounding on the metal roof. I could see hail blowing across the sidewalk to the side porch! It's under roof! No way was I going out there to get pelted with ice balls! I went to the people door, and took a picture.

Let the record show that those are NOT real flip-flops! They are part of Hick's collection of ceramic stuff along the garage.

Nary a dog in sight to greet me. Unless you count that fake one Hick got at the auction. And there's Juno's rope toy that she usually hoards in her house. Jack came running from under the Gator under the carport when the hail had almost stopped. He ran in the garage and didn't want to come out, but I sweet-talked him with promise of a TREAT. Which was a BBQ pork rind. Jack turn up his nose in disgust, and trotted around the porch to the water bowl.

You can see the size of the hailstones, here by Hick's porch churn. I wish I had picked some up to inspect. I could see the layering that forms as they are jostled in the updrafts of the storm.

I asked Hick later where he was during the hail, and he said, "There weren't no hail." I showed him the pictures, and he went out to inspect the roof for damage. It was okay.

"I saw spots of water around my churn when I came home. That would explain where they came from."

I'm sure he was ready to blame my little Jackster for peeing drops all around the churn...


  1. I would think that ceramic flip flops would not be comfortable.

    1. I presume it would be like wearing short skis. Or thin, heavy snowshoes. WAIT A MINUTE! I might have just invented HAIL SHOES! Thanks for the inspiration, but you're not getting a cut of the profits.

  2. It's annoying when the weather can't make up its mind, so throws a bit of everything at us. We don't know whether to curl up with a good book by the fire or go hang out the washing!

    1. Yeah. It was 57 when I left for town, so I put on a jacket. But then it warmed up to 65 before I got gas. And dropped back down with the hail storm.

      On and off with the jacket. It was like practicing to be a model moonlighting as a stripper...