Tuesday, July 14, 2020

What We Have Here Is a Failure to Pre-Educate

Monday, we took a different route through Outer Backroads, with Hick at the wheel of A-Cad. I turned to tell The Pony,

"We're coming up on the church where we vote."

"I know where we vote. You took me there several times, remember? So Genius and I could see what it's like to vote. I don't remember what it's like, though. All I remember was sitting on those weird benches along the wall while I waited for you, playing my Gameboy."

"Weird benches? WEIRD BENCHES? Those were PEWS!"


"Pews! CHURCH pews!" Hick likes to insert himself into our conversations.

"Pews? Then why were they in a basement? Pews don't belong in a basement! OR on a front porch..."

"Because the church basement is where the voting is set up! People waiting need somewhere to sit. Besides, it's the room where they hold potluck dinners and stuff. Like that room at Grandma's church, where they have the funeral receptions."


"Did your skin feel all hot while you were waiting?"

"No. Why would it?"

"I'm surprised you didn't burst into flames when you crossed the threshhold! You know, what with later moving on to your devil music and Ouija-playing..."

It looks like doing my part to teach my boys their civic duty of voting did not make the impression that I'd hoped! I'd like to think that I was 50% successful. Genius was foaming at the mouth to vote his first time, in 2012, but his December birthday made him wait 4 years for the next Presidential election.


  1. "Did you skin feel all hot?" hahahahahahahah

    1. Sometimes, The Pony doesn't pick up what I'm laying down!

  2. Weird benches, ha ha. I'd love to have an old Church pew to set on my (non-existent) front porch. Several people in my city have them or their 'real' front porches and I don't even know where to get one! If I actually had a front porch I might be more inclined to ask around.
    I don't remember if I took my kids with me when I voted, probably they all just stayed home looking after each other once they were past being babies.

    1. We have a pew on our front porch. I'm not sure where Hick got it. Ours has a curved seat and armrests. The pews in the church basement voting area are more square and flat. They have red cushions on the seat part. I guess that's why The Pony thought it was a "weird bench."