Wednesday, July 22, 2020

4.5 Hours Later

Oh my gosh! I’m living in the Dark Ages! Okay. Not exactly the Dark Ages. I still have light. Electricity. Word 2013. But I DO NOT HAVE INTERNET! I haven’t gone out to check, but I probably don’t have TV, either. Except here in the basement, where I can watch my multitude of DVR-ed shows. I have limited music, since Spotify berates me to CONNECT. I can only get songs that I have stored on there from when my New Delly was switched from my old computer about 10 years ago.

Anyhoo… this satellite DISH stuff is for the birds. It’s been off more this month than all of last year! Oops! “Photographs and Memories” just ended. Let’s see what’s next. “I Got a Name!”

I’ve already written Genius’s letter for this week. Can’t print it, because HELLO there’s no internet. So the Ethernet or whatever I need for my printer to communicate is inoperable. But I DID address the envelope by hand.

The Pony must be happy that he took the trash dumpster up to the end of the driveway before supper. It’s a long walk in the rain!


This olden-days stuff is for the birds! How did people survive without the information superhighway? Thank you, Al Gore! But sadly, I’m now living an inconvenience truth. I guess I could build a fire, and have you all pull up a rock. Gather round for my story-tellin’. Good luck getting here, unless one amongst you has invented the wheel. Hope you’re not all…

“Wasted on the Way.”

One good thing about having Spotify open is that it tries to reconnect. So ALL my playlist will turn white when the internet is back again. Not holding out a lot of hope for that. It’s been down over an hour so far. So much time to make up everywhere you turn…

Let’s see. What to tell you next. We had leftover meatloaf for supper. And potato cakes made from last night’s mashed potatoes. Along with Hawaiian Rolls. We’re carb-loading ourselves into a stupor. Perhaps we sensed this outage coming. Hick is happily ignorant of the predicament The Pony and I are in.

“Baby I’m A-Want You.”

Surely somebody could have done better with that title, don’t you think? Perhaps it’s just…

“Part of the Plan.”

Gosh, it’s slow-going, trying to think of something interesting. Yes, I know I’ve failed. I can’t even check the weather radar to see if this stormed is almost past, or if there’s a huge swath of it still to come! We got our four-day house phone outage fixed today. So I guess in a way, I’m lucky. But…

“Operator, That’s Not the Way It Feels.”

It’s not like we use the house phone for anything but calls from Hick home, when he’s out running around, and I’m in bed waiting for a wake-up call, or in my dark basement lair. Okay. That’s about enough of this. You’ll read it, and you’ll curse me or be grateful. Right now I’m going to do a restart after unplugging the router. Sometimes that works. It DIDN'T.

“Free Fallin’.”

When the TV came back, the internet didn't. Separate satellites. I unplugged the router. Then the internet DISH. Still no good. Troubleshooter kept telling me I had a bad Ethernet cable. That's what it often says when I only need to restart the router. But I called Troubleshooter's bluff!


We had left it plugged into the router, strewn across the floor, from previous issues. 

 Printer does not...


  1. As I was reading this just now there was a very loud roar of thunder outsidd. Now I have to watch for a few tiny raindrops.

    1. Maybe you'll see a tiny rainbow! I know that's what I'D be looking for, being such an eternal optimist...

  2. I hope your problems are resolved soon. I'm so frustrated with Blogger. Still cannot post.

    1. Yes and no. I've got the internet part solved with the blue Ethernet workaround. And another solution on order.

      BLOGGER is in the dog house with me, too!

  3. I'm up and running thanks to a ten year old password and sign in anme that worked. Whew! I feel you pain and aggravation.

    1. Well, I suppose you didn't have anything else to do, at least on your computer, besides try a multitude of sign-ins and passwords.

    2. I tried to leave you a comment on your blog, but BLOGGER is messing with one of us! I can't get the comment box to open.

  4. Used to have Dish. It was fine, except when it rained...or snowed...or was windy, or cold, or too hot, and sometimes just late at night. Otherwise I was satisfied.

    1. We don't really have a choice for TV. Gotta have my reality shows! Cable TV here only goes out as far as the prison, not another four miles to our house.

      We tried AT&T for our internet. No connection. DISH is the cheapest and (sadly) the most reliable we can get.

  5. I recognise a few of the songs you cleverly inserted into the post, but not all of them.
    I hope all is well again with internet and everything else sooner rather than later.

    1. I didn't have time to link them, when I reconnected at 2:00 a.m. The restoration is a work in progress.