Sunday, July 5, 2020

Hick, the Jilted Lover

Thursday, Hick said he'd found a family for That Dog. Remember him? The poor young dog dumped out on the road by our mailboxes last week?

Anyhoo, Hick said Dog Wanter sent him a private message, saying he and his wife and four kids would love to give That Dog a home. I believe his words included, "We will spoil him." Dog Wanter also asked, "When can we set up a time to meet him?" Hick said that 6:30 would be a good time, and that he'd meet Dog Wanter in town at the storage units, and show him the way out here. Dog Wanter lives in a town an hour away. He said that would work. He would get back to Hick about the arrangements.

Hick didn't hear any more from Dog Wanter. He changed his plans. Hung around the house from about 4:00. Didn't mow grass. Didn't get in Poolio. Because he was waiting to hear back from Dog Wanter. Hick sent several messages to see if he still wanted That Dog, and if the plan was still on. Tried to call a couple times. 6:30 came and went. Shortly after 8:00, Hick saw that Dog Wanter had sent him a message. That his 4-month-old had gotten his shots, and they were trying to get him to settle down.

Dog Wanter and Hick made plans to meet halfway on Friday at 5:00, with Hick bringing That Dog. Hick was assuming they would take him from there. He had a travel cage that he paid $5 for at an auction, and was willing to let them have it to get That Dog home. He certainly couldn't ride loose in a car!

They exchanged vehicle descriptions, and Hick changed his plans on Friday so he could be home in time to load That Dog in the back of SilverRedO and get there in time. I made sure he took some water to give That Dog after his ride. Because it looked like rain, I offered the use of A-Cad, with the stipulation that Hick put down a tarp under the travel cage. Hick said it wasn't going to rain. He'd be fine. It was only a half hour trip.

All the while, I was having second thoughts about giving up That Dog. I surely didn't want to keep him, but I felt like something was hinky about Dog Wanter. Just my hinky-sense raising an alarm. I didn't think a family with four kids was right for That Dog. Especially not with a 4-month-old. Did they have property for That Dog to run on? Surely they wouldn't put him on a chain in the yard! I told Hick,

"Something is off. That guy is flaky. He should have let you know he wasn't coming Thursday night. It only takes a text."

Hick said I was overreacting. Off he went with That Dog, having lured him into the travel cage on the porch, by putting some food in there, and having The Pony reach his hand in for petting, then shoving That Dog's hindquarters in after him and closing the door. Hick and The Pony carried him to the bed of SilverRedO.

Of course you realize by now that Dog Wanter never showed up! Hick was there on time. Sent more texts, saying he was parked under the awning of a financial institutions driveway, since it was raining. No answer. No sight of Dog Wanter's car. Hick was afraid the police would come question him for sitting there so long, and drove to a nearby park so That Dog was under a tree and not getting wet. Don't you worry about That Dog! It was 92 degrees when they left.

Hick stayed until 5:50, then started back home. Got here at 6:15. He let That Dog out of the travel cage. That Dog ran into the yard and pooped, then started patrolling around and around our porch.

Hick was hot-to-trot over being stood-up like a bride at the altar!

I, on the other hand, was as relieved as if someone in the pews had stood up, refusing to forever hold their peace, and proclaimed that I should not be joined in holy matrimony with someone who was not right for me!

Of course Hick never heard another word from Dog Wanter. I have a theory that Dog Wanter might be DOG ABANDONER, MESSING WITH HICK! Then again, I have a penchant for conspiracies...

Dog Wanter said he had an aunt that lived in Backroads. Just maybe, Dog Wanter came here and drove five miles out of town to dump That Dog. Then he saw it on our county Lost and Found Pets Facebook page. And got mad that Hick said he was seen dumping That Dog. So decided to tie up Hick's time on this holiday weekend, to get back at him. That could explain the extreme desire to get That Dog, and the odd communications, and the no-show. Just my far-fetched theory. Hick is a believer in humanity, and I am a cynical curmudgeon.

Anyhoo... I printed out a nice color picture of That Dog for Hick to take up to his Storage Unit Store on Saturday. One of his cronies wants That Dog. He was going to come get him Saturday evening, but didn't know what time. Hick said they'd do it on Sunday.

Crony wants Hick to bring That Dog up to the Units on Sunday. He's a seller there, too. He says he'll have a bowl of water, and keep That Dog on a leash until time to leave, which is usually around noon or 1:00 on a Sunday. I said it was going to be too hot for that, and probably not good for That Dog to be around so many people.

Hick agreed. He says Crony will follow him out here when they close up, and get That Dog to take home. He lives up toward the little city north of us. He and his wife LOVE dogs, as Hick says. They have two small ones right now. That Dog gets along with our dogs, so I'm guessing he will be okay with theirs, since That Dog is going into their territory, and not defending his own.

"Didn't you say he lives close to the highway? I don't want anything to happen to That Dog!"

"Yeah, but they'll keep him in the house. That's how they are with their other dogs. And they have three acres. So they can take him out for walks."

I'm not sure it's the perfect situation for That Dog, but I think he'll be quite happy being a house dog. All he does around here is try to run in the house, and dig at the front door, and lay under the front window and whine, and make laps around the porch looking for us. He doesn't romp in the yard with Jack, or show much interest in dogs at all. But he sure loves US PEOPLE, and sticks to us like glue when we're outside.


That darn Hick! Not 12 hours after I wrote this up, he has changed the adoption plans AGAIN!

He took That Dog with him Sunday morning, to his Storage Unit Store. Crony's Wife was there. She said, "Don't give him any more dogs! We have enough dogs!" So the new home was suddenly unwelcoming to That Dog. However, Hick had a customer who admired That Dog, so he offered That Dog to her and her husband. She wasn't sure she wanted him, but Crony's Wife talked her into it.

Hick says they're an older couple who have a farm.

"Where IS this farm, anyway?"

"I don't know. I didn't ask them where it was."

Said The Pony: "Hopefully, not a farm upstate..."


  1. I have never seen a dog with that coloring. What kind of dog is he. From what you say, he seems like he wants his own people rather than dog friends.

    1. That is a Catahoula. They come in different colors. I watched a YouTube video about them. I think he looks like he's "camouflage" color!

      He's just half-grown. Still doesn't raise his leg to pee. Rushes to jump on us when we come out of the house. He really does seem to yearn for people. He's quite indifferent with our dogs. No fighting, but also no playing.

      I'm almost missing him now that he's found a new home. ALMOST missing him.

  2. Your far-fetched theory makes sense to me, some people are just nuts like that. I do hope Dog has found a good home now with people who will love him and treat him well.

    1. I can't think of any other reason why Dog Wanter wouldn't just text: "I can't take the dog." Easy peasy. Takes 30 seconds.

      I was thinking about That Dog all night. Hoping he will be given the attention he craves, by his new people.

  3. Good you didn't name that dog. Once you name them it is hard to see them go. Of course, any longer and "That Dog" would be that dog's name.

    1. That Dog was here 10 days. Hick was getting attached. "He likes me more than all them other dogs put together." He still kept his hat handy for swatting him, though.

      If we were going to name him, I would have liked "Camo," for his coloring. That would have been confusing for my Sweet, Sweet Juno!