Saturday, July 11, 2020

3 COINS in the Countin'

This week in Future Pennyillionaireville...

SUNDAY, July 5, a penny was obviously left just for ME, at Orb K. I had seen nothing on the way inside. Nothing around the scratcher display, or the register, while waiting my turn behind a lone fellow customer. When I started out, there it was!

I suppose that customer had dropped it. I surely would have noticed if it was there on my way in. I'm not a penny-finding novice, you know!

It was a shiny, heads-up 2020, waiting to join my collection.

WEDNESDAY, July 8, we stopped by the Backroads Casey's on our way home from the casino. As I climbed out of A-Cad, I told The Pony,

"I'd better not find a penny! I'm not taking in my phone."

So of course you know what happened! One step inside the door, there it was! And me without a camera. I picked it up anyway. It was so dirty that I couldn't tell if it was heads up or face down. In fact, I had to wash it off (mostly unsuccessfully) to see that it was a 2014.

The other penny you see here, not in its natural habitat, was found in the Sis-Town Casey's on THURSDAY, July 9. I didn't have time to snap a candid photo, because nobody was ahead of me, and I had to pre-pay for gas, select some crossword puzzle scratchers for The Pony, and punch in my Hick's rewards number. This one was a heads-up 1989.

That's 3 coins this week, for 3 cents. You can't hit the jackpot every week...


Penny       # 71, 72, 73.
Dime         still at 13.
Nickel       still at 7.
Quarter    still at 1.

Penny     134
Dime        20
Nickel        8
Quarter      5


  1. I used to buy the crossword scratchers, thinking they'd be lucky, because I love crosswords, but they never were lucky. I don't remember which ones I used last year when I had that lucky streak, always winning just enough to get another ticket or two.

    1. The Pony likes them because they take a long time to play. Which is why I STOPPED playing them! There's a $5 version, and a $3 version. The Pony has won on both. Better luck on the $3 tickets, winning $6.

      I'll have a picture of a loser tomorrow.

  2. Have you counted your FOUND money or do you spend it?

    1. I have the running total for my count. I don't spend it. My Future Pennyillionaire Fortune sits in a goblet that Hick bought me at a yard sale.