Thursday, July 23, 2020

Keep Your Ethernet Far and Your Cell Phone Closer

I'm keeping a close eye on my NOT-iPhone NOT-8. Yes indeed. My new Samsung Galaxy A5 is going to be treated with care. Not that it's overly-special. But because everything else has gone to Not-Heaven in a handbasket over the past week.

When it rains, it pours. Then lightning strikes something in the yard. Then my landline is fried. Then I have a BEEP like a heart monitor pound my eardrums for 4.5 days. Then I have to get up early to wait for the AT&T repairman. Then that very night, another storm rolls through and I lose internet in my lair, to New Delly. Which turns out to be permanent until I order a new switch box. Leaving me without a printer connection.

Oh, and then the next morning, I open up my blogs on my laptop HIPPIE, which runs off the router, and discover that I've been infested by NEW BLOGGER!

I think my scream was heard all the way to the Gas Station Chicken Store.

Good news is that I set my blogs back to RETRO BLOGGER. Or whatever they're calling the normal settings these day. But I really need to practice on the new format, for when I am DRAGGED KICKING AND SCREAMING INTO THE PRESENT.

Also good is that Hick appeared at my left shoulder on Wednesday evening at 5:35, like some silent sidling office worker, to take a look at New Delly's wiring, after being gone all day to a state park to play with trout. Hick crawled under the desk he built for me, did a lot of loud and condescending talking, and declared that HE didn't know what the problem could be. Proving himself right by referring to "Genius's computer" as the broken point. Which is downright silly, since Genius has no computer here, it being my OLD, OLD one, on Genius's desk out by the basement stairs, which is not even hooked up to anything.

Anyhoo... The Pony showed up, like Juno trying to keep the peace in a dog fight, and took my misinformed side to persuade Hick the the real issue was indeed a bad Ethernet connection. Solution? A new switch box under my desk, which would restore connections as normal, like we did with a switch box replacement in January 2019.

Also, in a BONUS random moment, MY PRINTER CAME TO LIFE for no reason!

The Pony was looking over my right shoulder as I asked him about what length of Ethernet cable I should order to have on hand in case that was the actual problem. We agreed 3 feet was not enough, 5 feet might work, but 10 feet would be best. During our discussion, my HP Laserjet started to hum, and spat out an empty page, then page one of Genius's letter I tried to print Tuesday night.

In theory, the printer should not have worked, since New Delly was hooked up again with the 50-foot Ethernet cable that runs across the basement floor to the router.

I'll take what I can get. And I might tuck in SamGalA under the quilt, next to me and away from Hick, rather than leave him on the kitchen counter, where a bear could break in and ravage him overnight.


  1. All I can say is it is 2020. I dare not ask, What else! We replaced our printer and computer. My blood pressure sky rocketed.

    1. I totally understand the blood pressure surge. It's hard for me to learn new tricks!

  2. Replies
    1. A bear was seen a few years ago behind the firehouse, on a route I drove to work. It was written about in the local paper.

      A few DAYS ago, Hick claimed that his buddy building a garage on the county road, about two miles from our house, saw a black bear. Not sure about that one. It might be one of Hick's stories.

  3. Perhaps Hick fiddling with the wires made enough temporary connection to get the printer going. I'm concerned about the switchbox though. A new one last January surely shouldn't be worn out already?

    1. That jibes with my theory, and The Pony's. Hick plugged it in to a different hole on the switch, still with no luck. He tried the OLD switch. Didn't work. Then he left it like that.

      The Pony thinks the printer was running an update, from something he read on the little status bar when it suddenly came to life and spit out a blank page. He thinks the new connection worked, and that the update then finished, while he was standing there behind me.

      You'd think it would last longer, but considering that it cost me $14.99, it has given me many hours of use for less than a dollar a day! Also, there was that lightning strike that tripped several breakers, and fried a surge strip thingy.

      Good thing New Delly was unplugged that day, being punished for starting himself up numerous times after shut down!

  4. Replies
    1. Don't I know it! I just answered the first comment, published it, and MY INTERNET WENT DOWN! Must be a storm, because it came back after a bathroom visit! We'll see how intermittent it is from now on...