Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Hick Rests His Laurel

Hick held us hostage on the casino trip a couple weeks ago. The Pony and I had no idea we were going Goodwilling. In protest, we sat in A-Cad while Hick went inside. Mask required. He returned with one purchase.

"What in the world is THAT?"

"It's a wine bottle holder! It's that guy. From those two."

"Is he some kind of pizza maker guy? Like Chef Boyardee?"

"No! That guy! They did a routine."

"Oh! You mean Laurel and Hardy?"

"Yeah. I guess so. It's Laurel!"

"Are you sure? Maybe it's Hardy."

"Whatever. I got him for $3.00."


"I'll put him up at my locker. I don't have a wine bottle. I'll put a whiskey bottle in his hand."

"You need to put SOMETHING in his hand! That doesn't look right."

"It'll bring in customers. To see him."

There he is. Hick's Laurel, resting on the hood of A-Cad, behind the garage when we got home. Looking a little bit like an accident victim plowed into by Hick's sweaving.

Here's a closer view:

Of Ollie, a Hardy fellow, not at all Laurel. I guess that's him. You'd think he'd be wearing his hat, though. I don't recall him having so much hair. I'm not quite convinced. Besides, who wants Ollie without Stan?


  1. Replies
    1. Too bad she can't swing by Hick's Storage Unit Store. He might sell it to her for $5!

  2. He could probably sell this to a bar owner. That Hick is always finding something!

    1. Hick actually seemed like this was something he didn't consider selling. He's an eclectic "collector."

  3. It's an interesting piece, but not something I'd be wanting in my home. I'm betting whoever sees it will be asking if he has "the other guy" too.

    1. Yes, you have to be a fan to recognize him. And a fan would want both.