Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just Past Summertime, and the Givin' is Easy...

The Pony is off to a fundraiser for NHS tonight. Okay. Technically, he is off to the auction with Hick, his ride to the fundraiser, which starts at 9:00. He's not thrilled about going to the auction, though he has done if voluntarily as many times as he can count on one hoof. However...non-drivers can't be choosers, only beggars of rides.

This particular fundraiser is a walk for Alzheimer's Disease. The Pony had a sign-up sheet for people to pledge per-mile amounts, or donate flat sums. He has had this form since the last club meeting day, which was three weeks ago. The Pony is not exactly a go-donation-getter. He didn't even ask ME or Hick if we would like to donate. In fact, I bought magazines from another kid in his class because The Pony never asked me about that fundraiser, either. I told The Pony that Hick and I would donate $20 for Alzheimer's. He doesn't even have to walk for three hours.

The Pony may not be one to wear out his shoes gathering donations, but he is generous to a fault. I told him that his grandma would probably donate, and his aunt, and his cousin, if he only asked. He said, "I'm going to donate $25 myself. I can afford it." He can. Money doesn't mean much to The Pony. He has a stash of saved allowance and birthday money and science fair winnings and Voice of Democracy Speech Contest first and seconds.

Yesterday we took my mom along for the ride on bill-paying Friday. She looked forward to it all week. She wanted a Rally's combo for supper, which she got for $1.99, making sure I used a coupon. Mom even sprung for The Pony's combo, and handed me $5.00 for frozen custard.

As Mom was trying to force-feed me Rally's fries, even though I declined because I had a frozen custard, and The Pony strapped on the feedbag to devour his cheeseburger...The Pony had a flashback to his upcoming fundraiser responsibility.

"Oh, Grandma? We're having a walk for Alzheimer's tomorrow night if you'd like to donate."

Mom put the fries in T-Hoe's cup holder. She commenced to digging in her purse. "Well, I have a twenty--"

My ears swiveled and my brain let out a noise that only I could hear. That noise a submarine makes just before it dives. My mom was going to donate $20 to The Pony's fundraiser!?!

"--but I'm not giving twenty dollars. Here. I'll donate three dollars."

That's my mom!

I was tempted to ask her why she hated the old and addled, but I think that might have hurt her feelings. Three dollars! This is the woman who even donated $5.00 for the Extraordinary Dance.

Back home, I shook my head. "Pony. I'm kind of shocked that Grandma is donating three dollars to your Alzheimer's walk."

He grinned. "I know. But that's okay. I'm giving twenty-five."

Maybe he should have asked her before the burgers and custard.


  1. Joeh beat me to it.! That guy's good!

  2. Fish are flyin'
    But the twenty's a no...

  3. And yet she looked forward to the event called "bill-paying Friday," though I have to admit the frozen custard makes it sound more fun. At least he didn't have to rub any bunions for the $3.

  4. joeh,
    Well said. Here's your honorary "HELLO!" conference ID badge saying you are a member of Team Thevictorian.

    You snooze, you lose! Those of you on the left coast must not forget the time zones. Joe has a three-hour head start on you. However, you may still work toward earning your authentic Team Thevictorian official ID badge.

    At least his Ma is till good lookin'...

    She looks forward to bill-paying Friday because the bills being paid are not hers. No, The Pony did not have to rub any bunions. But he WOULD!

    Thank you. He is indeed a nice young man. He'd rub bunions, you know, if he was asked. Even though he really doesn't have any interest in helping people, according to his ACT interest inventory.

    You ain't a-woofin'!

  5. He is a sweet young man who will make some young lady an excellent boyfriend! He is what mom's look for in a son-in-law!

  6. Kathy,
    Do you know someone to fix him up with? Because he's on the lookout for a soulmate.