Sunday, September 21, 2014

Be Careful What You Request From Val

A few of you have seen Hick in the flesh, and can attest that he certainly does exist. And before the rest of you go all shuddery and have that saliva flooding your mouth pre-regurgitation at the thought of Hick exposing his flesh, let the record show that he was fully clothed when he showed himself at The Book House a while back.

For everyone who was not privy (heh, heh, I said PRIVY) to feasting your eyes on prime Hickness, allow me to give you a taste. Sop up that saliva! I don't mean an actual TASTE, taste. Like swirling fine wine around in your mouth before spitting it into a bucket, or walking on Hick like a butterfly would in order to sneak a taste with its feet.

Prepare yourself it comes...

That's Hick in his work clothes, back when he started building his creekside cabin. No. It may come as a surprise to you that Hick is NOT a plumber! He can do plumbing, but there's none of that going on in this cabin. It's rustic. Like the Jed Clampett and Granny's cabin before Milburn Drysdale got ahold of their bubblin' crude money.

Here's a picture of the finished product, though it has been updated with a bedroom since the photo.

Y'all are welcome to sit a spell on the front porch if you're in the neighborhood. Look out, though. There might be some unwanted visitors keeping you company.

Yeah. That's a snake almost as tall as Hick. I'm going out on a limb here, and declaring that snake was BIGGER than Hick. Because, after all, it was too big for that skin. Kind of like Hick, who is too big for his britches, and I'm not talking about the fit of his pants.

Hope you found satisfaction in the Hick exposure. Now you'll recognize the barber if you drop into The Little Barbershop of Horrors for a haircut.


  1. That little cabin looks terrific, but that snake skin is enough to keep me away.

  2. I love the cabin! Tell the Mister he did a mighty fine job!

  3. That is exactly the way I pictured Hick. Wish I had a cabin!

  4. Not sure I'm privy to that view of Hick OR the snake--in the flesh. But the cabin is awesome.

  5. Hick did an amazing job on his little house. I wouldn't mind one as my writing nook. Dare I ask what he does in his little hideaway?

  6. I am still not convinced in the existence of Hick. That could very well be a shirt and a pair of jeans stuffed with straw.

  7. I'm glad you only showed us a peek of Hick's butt crack and not his face. I like that he remains a man of mystery...sort of like Tool Time Tim's neighbor. Or Norm's wife. Or Miles Crane's wife, Maris.

    My dad used to dream of having a log cabin. A hand-built one has to be the ultimate in manly coolness. Nice work.

  8. Stephen,
    Don't worry! There's no snake in it! You wouldn't even know a snake was around unless you found that skin. Or unless it bit you.

    I'll tell him. But you realize that then he will have to enlarge the door to allow entrance for his big head.

    Did you get this picture...oh...I don't a NIGHTMARE?

    I wish I would have shown you Hick's PRIVY. Or his other PRIVY. He built two, you know. Because nobody ever has enough privies.

    You may dare ask, because what Hick does in his cabin is not all that daring. He sits inside during the rain, or during fall and winter, with a wood fire in his stove, probably dreaming of building another cabin.

    He used to let our old dog Grizzly in there with him, but he will not let in my sweet, sweet Juno, or the dim-witted Ann. He does let them in the BARn, though. And sometimes locks Juno in.

    So funny you should mention that. One Halloween, before we were married, when we both lived separately in the same apartment complex...Hick sat out on his sidewalk in overalls and a floppy hat, with straw sticking out his sleeves. As kids came up to get candy out of a bowl beside his chair, he reached for them.

    I think there were a lot of sleepless kids that night.

    Or Karen Walker's husband, Stan.

  9. Does this cabin have electricity? It would make a great writing retreat...for one solitary writer.

  10. Sioux,
    Nope. It's off the grid. But I'm sure he could rig it up to run off a generator.

  11. A man of mystery. He has talent in his building projects. He Who only dreams that his buildings would turn out. He seems to lose interest before he completes a project.

  12. Kathy,
    Hick's projects get completed, but he usually has three or four in progress at any given time.