Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Times, They Have A-Changed. And For What?

Sometimes, my family lore is wasted on The Pony.

The other day a song came on T-Hoe's radio. Radar Love, by Golden Earring. I think it was a one-hit wonder. But it took me back. I had to share with The Pony.

"I always heard this song when I was a Magazine Captain. In high school, I was chosen to be one of four or five captains who counted up the junior class magazine sales money. Each morning, we got out of class to sit in the Student Lounge and tally profits. The Student Lounge was great. It was a building out on the parking lot with tables and chairs and a jukebox and soda machine. We could go there with our lunch trays, or to hang out and smoke. No teachers were on duty. It was our place."

The Pony barely looked up from his laptop. "Hmm...sounds like a hive or corruption and degenerates."

Exactly. Yet we survived. Our class produced doctors and lawyers and college athletes. And teachers. Go figure.


  1. But corrupted degenerate doctors and lawyers and college athletes, and teachers.

  2. Your high school provided you with a place to smoke? Amazing!

  3. A building out in the parking lot is a good place to confine high school juniors. Too full of themselves to be of much value and without enough class to graduate.

    We've got a thing that's called Radar Love
    We've got a line in the sky,
    Radar Love.

    Yet we survived...sent a robot to Mars and invented the internet with or without the help of our illustrious Vice President.

  4. Wow! I'm with Stephen Hayes! A place you were ALLOWED to smoke?? Was that out in the hinterlands??

  5. Doctors? All quacks. Lawyers? All connive-era. Teachers? Thieves, all of them. I've seen a bunch of 3rd grade-sized chairs, an old, dented metal classroom trashcan, and a power surge-thing...all disappear over the summer.

    I'm keepin' my Sharpie markers locked up, along with my Blue Tack.

  6. joeh,
    Corrupt and degenerate are in the eye of the beholder.

    It was long ago. I'm surprised they didn't provide us with a place to smoke wacky tobaccy. Gosh! Junior High kids even read The Joy of Sex in class, with a paper book cover wrapped around it. Wait a minute! I might be devaluing my valedictorian status!

    Actually, that building was for grades 9-12. It was mostly used for lunchtime on cold or rainy days, because on the nice days, kids sat on the fence in front of the school to smoke. Not me, of course. It wasn't such a sign of coolness back then.

    It was in a town of about 4800 people. Right in town. Not out in the pasture.

    You got off easy. One year I lost a TV, a rolly chair, a three-hole paper-punch, and MY MAROON SWINGLINE STAPLER! Got 'em all back, though. It was like going on safari, without the funny hat.