Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One Good Brag Deserves a Mother

Get your earplugs, people! It's horn-tootin' time at the homestead of Val.

Genius has been elected to be a floor governor at the University of Smart. It's true. He texted me after 10:30 last night. I didn't see it until around 2:00 a.m. But my pajama buttons were bursting with pride.

Of course, I don't know what a floor governor is. Perhaps it's a drunken public official who can no longer stand. A floor governor. Or one who makes sure hallways are swept, common carpet areas vacuumed, and toilet tiles scrubbed. A floor governor. Whatever the case, I am pleased as punch. The good kind. With sherbet and pineapple juice and 7-UP and mini marshmallows.

After a request for further information, perhaps in his first formal response as an elected official, Genius informed me that he did not campaign for the position per se, but let it be known that he was running for the office. He gave a speech. And was elected. Apparently, there are five floor governors per 100 people. That's a lot of drinkin', or a lot of clean floorage. Genius will attend residence hall meetings to voice the concerns of his constituents, and have his finger in the till regarding the distribution of dormitory funds. He will assist in organizing activities for his fellow residents. Like a party planner!

His grandma is puffed with pride as well. I could feel her smile beaming through the land-line. You'd think we were all key members of his campaign. "What was it you said Genius got elected to again? I've been telling my friends about him all day. I told them he was elected Hall Monitor."

Yes. We are all very proud.


  1. I just don't know what to say except I love your Mom! She made me laugh out loud for a long time!

  2. Are you sure 95 students didn't step backwards leaving 5 floor governors?


  3. I wonder if this position is comparable to what was called in my day an RA--Resident Advisor. Mrs. C. was a RA back when she was in college. Quite an honor for Genius!

  4. Hall monitor, whatever, his grandma is proud!

  5. Val--I imagine he will serve like the "governor" that is put on a car (is it the same spelling?).

    He is going to sloooow doooown the drinking and the carousing.

  6. First I wish to say, you win my vote for best blog titles, hands down. Second, I'm with your mom, whatever good the grandkids do is right up there with conquering Everest. If they mess up, well then, it must be something they inherited from the other side of the family.

  7. You have reason to be proud.

    A HUGE congratulations to you and Genius! Did you ever imagine one of your sons would be a Governor?

  8. knancy,
    She makes me laugh out loud every day. Sometimes, on purpose.

    That is a highly plausible scenario. I think I saw something like that in an Andy Griffith movie once.

    He's not RA material yet. Just a lowly freshman, not ready to be in charge of numerous other lowly freshmen. In my dorm, RAs had to be at least juniors to qualify.

    But still, he's a floor governor!

    She is still basking in the warm glow of his phone call earlier this week. Any Genius news is good news for her.

    He will be ridden out of the hallowed halls of academia on a rail if that transpires. But his grandma will still be proud that his cronies thought enough of him to give him a ride.

    I LOVE making up titles. And be sure, tomorrow's will evade me after this comment.

    That grandma logic is on target. She's his biggest supporter.

    Well, he WAS quite proud that he hung out with a former Missouri state governor for a bit at Boys State while he was working on the tech crew.

    And now Genius himself is a governor! I think he ought to give that guy a call. I'm sure he'd want to know!