Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sundays in the Basement with Val

Hey! Who stole my weekend? Seems like just a few minutes ago it was Friday night. Here we are at the dawn of a new work week, and I still have stuff to do. Today's stuff includes readin', writin', and roastin'.

I have a new book I'm dying to dive into. It's called Dad is Fat, by Jim Gaffigan, the comedian. Something tells me it will give me a chuckle.

There are two stories wrestling around in my head, fighting to be first in line for me to procrastinate. I'm getting them done tonight. I swear. That intra-noggin horseplay has got to stop. It's all fun and games until somebody loses their medulla oblongata. And without your medulla oblongata, you're nothing.

I have a roast in the oven. That's nothing like a bun in the oven. Though they both make a woman fatter. No, this is a real roast, or as we used to call it around my childhood home: Sunday food. It's our first roast without Genius. Sniff. Sniff. No, I'm not trying to pick up his scent. I'm showing emotion through my fingertips. The keyboard lacks nuance.

And I lack a desire to continue typing.

One (or more) of those three items listed above is going to be delicious.


  1. Hopefully it'll be a hat trick and all three will be delectable.

  2. Here ya go. I almost peed I laughed to hard at this.

  3. No, I'm not trying to pick up his scent. I'm showing emotion through my fingertips.

    ---You miss your boy, and it shows. I remember Mrs. C. and I dropping off our boy at college and she wept the entire ride home, over two hundred miles. As a big strong man I stopped weeping after the first hundred miles.

  4. Just got back from Birdie's link (Hey, their spokesman is a pedophile clown from the seventies---heehaw!)

    Oh, yeah, Just wondering if those Sunday roasts contain that tryptophan stuff like Thanksgiving Turkey. Sunday food of all kinds just turns into snore inducing sedatives. Great stuff. gives one a superb reason to put everything on the top of the procrastination list..........snork....zzzzzzz

  5. Sioux,
    Yes, it was a real chapeau shenanigan. All three were real, and they were spectacular.

    He had me at "2 gallon drum of Diet Coke."

    Perhaps you were simply dehydrated.

    Let's not forget that ex-con, the Hamburglar.

    As far as the tryptophan...Val needs no reason at all to put things on the procrastination list. She's been meaning to stage a Battle Royale with Madam up above, for her self-proclaimed title of Princess of Procrastination. That crown will be Val's! Just as soon as she stops putting off the challenge.