Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Genius Prepares to Let the North .40 Lie Fallow

Genius sent an update on his pepper farm Tuesday morning.
"Somehow they just keep coming."
The last total he sent on August 24 showed Habaneros-118, Cayennes-104, Tabascos-108.
"My bloggy friend Kathy says the more you pick, the more they grow! The plant knows it needs to spread its seed, and you are stealing its babies!"
"I wish I could keep my plants alive through the winter and not have to start over next spring."
"I don't know how to do that. Depends on the plant. For a poinsettia, you pinch off the leaves and put it in a dark closet."
"Oh no. I know it's impossible. They're warm weather plants. The first frost will kill them immediately. And they're too big to bring inside. So I will have to put them down sometime later this month."
"So... you would need to bring them in with grow lights like a weed farmer!"
"Yup! And as big as our apartment is, it's not big enough for that!"
"If only you could seal a sprig in acrylic, as a paperweight, to honor their memory..."
"It's okay. I'll grow more next year. Maybe different varieties."
"Parting is such sweet sorrow."
"I pickled a big jar of habaneros yesterday."
"You will have their heat as a memory through the winter. What are they in?"

"Pickled with a blend of distilled vinegar & apple cider vinegar. The little pellets are mustard seeds, and then sliced garlic."

"Looks a bit Alien-ish lab to me, after getting to know them."

"I haven't tried them yet. Giving them a few days to marinate."

"They might be good with a pot of beans and ham, corn muffins on the side."


Nothing good lasts forever. I'm sure Genius will get over this loss. Though I question his use of "putting them down" at the end of the growing season.


  1. We have been on mourning for our tomato garden for two years. The plants got tomato blight and wilted. Home grown is the best. Those store bought fake tasting ones aren't worth it.

    1. Store bought tomatoes have almost as much flavor as Genius's once-favorite beverage, La Croix water. As The Pony read a description of it from the innernets: " a neighbor once squeezed a lemon."

  2. I go through the same pain every year with my three tomato plants.

  3. Sometime between now and the end of the month I plan to plant beans and carrots, because I can freeze the produce. Going to try and grow potatoes too, just to see if I can. I will plant tomato seeds and cross my fingers, see what happens.

    1. We had good luck with carrots until rabbits started eating their tops while our five cats lay around watching them. Good luck with your proposed crop!