Thursday, September 15, 2022

A Peek At Hick's New Unit

Hick has not heard back from the guy selling the old beauty shop and house. That might still be an option for an eventual flip property, but Hick is forging ahead for business purposes. Many of his Storage Unit Store cronies have picked up shop and moved to another flea market, over in Bill-Paying Town. Hick looked into it. The guy running it said for his cronies to tell him that he was welcome there. In fact, they really wanted him there! Heh, heh. You know what he sells that makes them want him! No need to go into that here.
Anyhoo... the guy said he had a unit for Hick that was up front. The first one in the row. Hick likes it for the prime location, where people see it coming in. Near where they park. The drawback is that there is no electricity to these units. Hick needs electricity for his surveillance cameras. And lights. He is considering some kind of solar set-up. Another drawback is that the units are separate. So Hick can't get a double unit by moving out a wall, like in his current Storage Unit Store. On the bright side, Hick drew out his floor plan, and says his display cases will fit perfectly, with a few feet left over.

Hick has paid for three months, and is going to give it a try. He doesn't have to rush to move stuff. He's paid through the end of January at his current place. He can keep "storing" his stuff there, and move some at a time, once that flea market officially closes at the end of October.

Now he has to get his FFL transferred to the new location. If it isn't possible, Hick will have an auction to liquidate his inventory, then surrender the FFL. Also, he needs to find out about the business license for that town. Pretty sure he's not getting a refund for the Backroads business license he just renewed for a year effective August 1. 

I think Hick will be happier here than in a storefront by himself. He's a people person.


  1. I think he should get at least a partial refund on the Backroads business licence. I suspect they already knew they would close before he paid up, so it would be good business practice for them to offer a 75% refund. FFL is Firearms and Fishing?

    1. I'm pretty sure the Storage Unit Place has known for months that they would be stopping the flea market. HOWEVER... they kept it hush-hush, then mailed out letters to the tenants. THEY are not the ones who dole out the business licenses, so they are certainly not going to take any responsibility for trying to get Hick a refund. That would be the city, which probably is under the Chamber of Commerce or something. I guess Hick can ask. Worse they can do is say NO.

      The FFL is Federal Firearms License. It's a big deal. Very regulated. Hick just went to a big meeting down in Casino Town last month, where they said you can't sell out of a flea market. Only at gun shows, without a storefront. So Hick asked, "Then why did you give me a license, after coming to look at my facility at a flea market?"

      Lots of double-talk. He's in the process of transferring it to the new location, but has to close the first one to apply for the second one, and it could take 6-8 weeks, cutting into his deer season sales. So he might wait until the end of October, and then try the transfer. Like he said, he can sell his inventory with an auction if he can't transfer, and still sell the regular stuff like he used to. Fishing equipment isn't regulated, nor is junk!