Sunday, September 25, 2022

At Least the Lunch Was a Win-Win-Win

We should have walked right through the casino to the grill! It's the only thing that gave us something for the money we put in!

I thought The Pony might try a new item on the menu, the Toasted Ravioli. He gave it a brief thought. Contemplated the Fried Dill Pickle Chips. Then settled on the Fried Chicken Sandwich. He asked that the pickles be left off, but took the sauce that was spicy, though its name escapes me. Maybe something cajun. He also took the side of fries, as usual.

I didn't get a good angle on the picture, but once The Pony bit into it, that chicken looked delicious! It was a hefty slab of white meat, juice visible, not at all dried-out. The Pony strapped on the ol' feedbag and devoured it!

I had my new favorite, the BBQ Pork Loin Sandwich. It comes on toast, regular bread, not the gigantic Texas Toast. Mmm... I had been thinking about it since we made plans to go to the casino.

OH MY GOSH! I want another one already, just looking at it! I avoided the tater tots in favor of the fries. They're pretty good. Though please notice my portion, and that most of them are the pointed edge fries, not the long center-cut square fries. It's the little things, people!

Hick ordered the Chicken Tenders, with honey mustard sauce, and Onion Rings. I thought that was a mistake, because The Pony has gotten them in the past, and they're just like Dairy Queen chicken tenders. Lucky for Hick, this was a new version.
They look a little overdone in the picture, but Hick said they were good, and ate every bit of them, no offers for tasting. Unfortunately for Hick, his Chicken Tenders came with a side of FRIES! So he had to tell the lady that he had ordered ONION RINGS. She sheepishly agreed, that they had discussed the availability of onion rings, and Hick had ordered them. So she said she'd go have them make an order.

Funny how no matter what Hick orders, he always gets TWICE as many fries with it as The Pony and I receive! Even when he doesn't even order fries!!!

Look at that! A full boat-load, when The Pony and I only got half our cardboard bowl full. AND Hick got the good long fries. He set them in the middle of the table to share. I ate more of his than mine. None of us finished our servings.

Heh, heh! When Hick's Onion Rings came out, he was gettin' no love from the kitchen! I've never seen him get that few onion rings before! They acted like he was running a scam to get fries AND onion rings, I guess. 

They're usually fatter, too! But Hick was satisfied once he finally got them.

Oh, and check out THIS new item: the GIANT KETCHUP BOTTLE on all the tables!

The ketchup is bigger than the soda cups! Not that I'm complaining. It's a bit awkward lifting that bottle when full. Almost takes two hands!

Yes, Hick ordered his usual slice of cheesecake. I can't give you a review, because it came while I was in the bathroom, and Hick was licking the last morsel off his fork when I returned to the table! Of course The Pony had Hick's back when I chastised him for not letting me get a picture.

"To be fair, Mom, your people have seen Dad's cheesecake before..."

Yeah. I guess you have. But you missed out on the pleasure of ending (or beginning, as with Hick) your virtual meal with a sweet treat!

Lunch is never a loser at this casino.


  1. Who cares what shapes the fries are?? They're still fries, hot and delicious, right? Are the chicken tenders battered? I see chicken tenders in boxes in the freezer section of the supermarket and they are always breaded. I think breaded is better although battered might be a cheaper option for the Casino to buy. All the food looks really yummy this week.

    1. I CARE! My fries were pointy and poky! Hick had the center-cut fries that were crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Not pointy and poky and lacking the soft middle.

      I think these tenders are battered? Flour and egg, probably. No crumbs of anything.The Pony's sandwich chicken looks breaded.

      Sorry Hick deprived you of dessert!

  2. I like only pointy, crispy fries and don't like the soft bodied mushy ones. That top sandwich looks yummy. Where was this?

    1. This was at Century Casino in Cape. Clutch your pocketbook as you walk through the slots, because they're no-armed bandits! But the food at the Red Star Grill is delicious. You might want to avoid the tater tots, which used to be good, but lately have not been.