Thursday, November 18, 2021

Hick's Framing Hits a New Low

Hick is still working on the Master Bathroom of Pony House. You may recall that it was down to bare bones. Barer bones! Even the floor joists had to be replaced.

Anyhoo... Hick lowered the ceiling of the Master Bathroom from 9' 4" to 8'. As he says, there's no reason to pay to heat that extra foot of air.

Hick sure likes to show off his wood, heh, heh! Here's a view of the Master Bathroom, taken from the Master Bedroom. You can see the framing for the ceiling. And the new wall that will divide the bedroom from the bathroom. Hick has extended the bedroom about 4 feet, rather than having a giant bathroom.

Here's a view from farther back in the Master Bedroom. You can see where the original bedroom ended, and where Hick put in more floor. The bathroom area was originally several inches lower than the bedroom floor.

The coiled wire corner is where the shower will be. Hick took out the base he had sitting there for measuring purposes. The sink will be in the middle space of the wall, where that board is on the floor. The door from bedroom to bathroom is on the left.

Hick also lowered the ceiling of the bedroom addition. He is leaving the original bedroom ceiling at 9' 4", because the drywall is good. It only needs paint. No need to go to the expense and effort to lower that ceiling. This lowered section will get drywall to match up. It will just have a ceiling that's a foot lower on that end by the bathroom. No big deal. Hick is re-building a safe, livable house. Not the Taj Mahal.

Hick has actually gotten a lot of work done, without much to show for it but new wood.


  1. When it all starts to come together it will seem faster.

    1. Hick said that he's getting all the walls framed now, so he can run his electric wires and plumbing. Then he and his helper will put up some drywall.

      The Bedroom 2 closet is next on his list, after framing the laundry room and furnace room today. Pictures on Sunday.

  2. Once the walls start getting put in progress will zip right along. I agree a giant bathroom isn't necessary, but I do hope there will at least be room for dressing or swinging a mop without bashing elbows and knees.

    1. That's what I told Hick today. Once he gets the drywall and the kitchen cabinets in, it will be mainly finish work.

      There will be room for dressing. I don't know how often The Pony will swing a mop...

      The half-bath in the hall will be the tight one. I think Hick said it's 36 inches wide. Just a toilet at one end, sink at the other.