Thursday, November 11, 2021

Hick Makes a Little Progress in the Bathroom

Hick continues his Master Bathroom project at Pony House. He has the walls insulated, and part of what he told me is GREENBOARD up around the jetted bathtub. He has moved the toilet pipe over several inches. Has put down the best layer of plywood floor. 

Once Hick sent me the picture, he had some 'splainin' to do.

"You told me you were using GREENBOARD. That looks blue to me."

"Well. They call it blueboard now. But it used to be green. Back when we built our house, it was green."

SURE it was. I can't believe I fell for Hick's shenanigans again. I don't ever recall hearing him talk about GREENBOARD before. But I have heard him mention blueboard. I'm pretty sure in a discussion of Pony House Bathroom 2. At least River in the comments wasn't fooled by Hick's gaslighting a couple days ago!

Hick also has the shower base in place, so he can figure his measurements for its accoutrements, and how it will affect the closet.

Standing where the picture was taken, that's where the door will be to the bathroom, from the Master Bedroom. I'm not sure about that pipe by the shower. Whether it has something to do with the shower, or the sink that will be in that general area. Not sure where the bedroom wall will be, since Hick is making the Master Bedroom a little bigger, using some of the space that was this huge bathroom.

Still a lot of work to do in this Master Bathroom, but Hick is happy to show off his progress. He will be building an enclosure around the tub. And lowering the ceiling in the closet from 12 feet to 10 feet. He wants to get the drywall ceiling up in this bathroom pretty soon, too.

Every day, The Pony asks what progress was made.


  1. It's looking good, but I still don't like closets in bathrooms. I'd be worried about steam settling in the clothes and getting musty and mildewed in there.

    1. I see that ravenous Blogger ate the comment I left you last night, so I'll try to remember what I said...

      The clothes in our master bathroom walk-in closet are fine after 23 years. There's a little invention Hick calls a vent fan. It's built into a ceiling light, and comes on automatically when the light is turned on. It keeps the mirrors from fogging up during a bath or shower. I assume Hick will also put these contraptions in the bathrooms of Pony House.

      It's not like we live in the rain forest, or a malaria-ridden swamp!

    2. We have vent fans in our bathrooms too and they are great, but I know several people who don't turn theirs on to clear the steam until they exit the bathroom. and one in particular who turns his on the clear his flat of the stinky air left over from smoking foul substances.

    3. Turn it on AFTER they exit the bathroom???

      I suppose they also close the pasture gate once the horse is out, and brush their teeth when they get in bed, and turn on their signal (if they're lucky enough to have a lever on the column) after they've made the turn, and hide their special treat ON TOP of a kitchen towel on the counter...

      What's the point of clearing steam AFTER you leave the bathroom? After you've already scraped the fog off the mirror to comb your hair or shave or put on makeup. I think they might have smoked a little too much of the foul substances for too many years.