Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Sun Came Out and Melted All the Snow, and Val's Future PENNYillionaire Fortune Was Again Good to Go

When it stops snowing, it pours! The week has been good for Val's itsy-bitsy Future Pennyillionaire Fortune! Of course it started last week, technically, with a late entry on SATURDAY, February 20, after the week's report had already published.

I stepped out of the liquor store, scratchers gripped in my hot arthritic hand, and saw a penny meant just for me. Maybe it had been trapped under the snow, waiting for me to arrive!

Looks like Abe had a few smokes while he was waiting. Abe is to the left of that snow wad. Cigarettes ARE major merchandise at the liquor store, which is actually called a smoke shop in its name. No wacky tobaccy, but they have accessories.

It was a heads-up 2001 penny, showing evidence of salt melt around the rim.

MONDAY, February 22, we went to the casino. At my second slot, sitting beside The Pony, who I'd tricked into playing the slot next to me, I was shocked to spy a penny under his seat!

HOW do these pennies end up on the casino floor, when the machines don't take them, nowhere near a cash-out machine, conveniently in Val's line of sight?

It was a heads-up 1978 penny. At first I thought it might be a dime, from the lighting. But it was indeed a penny. The Pony picked it up for me (grudgingly), upon request, to save some elderlies from an ample-rumpusing.

TUESDAY, February 23, my scratcher quest led me to Orb K, which had a surprise waiting.

There it is, beneath the Caramel M&Ms, and the White Chocolate Peanut M&Ms, neither of which I have a desire to try. I would like to sample a new Snickers with a brownie hidden inside, though. But enough about ampling my rumpus...

It was a face-down 1994 penny, lolling on the cold concrete between me and the scratchers display leaning against the front window. Yes. A customer DID receive an ample-rumpusing.

WEDNESDAY, February 24, was the most fruitful day of the week. Even Steven works in mysterious ways. I cannot explain my first penny-find.

Yes. That is a penny perched on T-Hoe's running board. I found it as I was closing the door after climbing out to enter the Backroads Casey's. There is no logical way that penny got there. It was not there when I climbed into T-Hoe at home in the garage. That's where I step to climb in. I always look there, to put my foot right. No stops from home to town, until Country Mart. When I came out, the penny was not there. Again, I looked, to put my foot on the running board to climb in. From there I drove through the outdoor mailbox and put the window down to mail my AT&T bill. Then I drove straight to Casey's and got out.
It was a face-down 1981 penny. As you can see, there is not a speck of road dust on it! That penny did not ride there from home. I do not carry pennies in my pockets. Only after picking up a new find. All of my found pennies are home and accounted for, their dates written down as I put them in my ice-cream-dish goblet. HOW did this penny jump on my running board? In a position under the edge, where it could not have fallen out and made a turn in mid-air. All I can surmise is that SOMEHOW, a passing car ran over a penny and tiddly-winked it up on T-Hoe's running board! I guarantee you nobody was jogging alongside and dropped it there. Nobody got out of a car or walked by when I parked at Casey's. It's a mystery, by cracky!
BUT WAIT! I went inside, and smirking at me from under the healthy gum display was Thomas Jefferson! Thank goodness he was not sitting on a boot taking a crap!
I got my picture, and stepped over to put my toe on Tom's face and scoot him out.
Told you he was looking at me! A heads-up 1992 NICKEL! My first nickel of 2021.
That's  5 COINS, for 9 CENTS, captured this week on Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune Safari.


Penny       # 12, 13, 14, 15.
Dime         still at 1.
Nickel       # 1.
Quarter    still at 2.

Penny     134
Dime        25
Nickel      10
Quarter      1


  1. That running board penny surely is a mystery. And Yay for finding a nickel :)
    It must be nice to see the ground again instead of that lovely fluffy white blanket.

    1. I am as excited about the nickel as I am about seeing the ground again. I like to have some snow every winter, but I prefer mine in December and early January, about 4 inches, to last two days.

      Of course I am searching the running board diligently now, at every stop!

  2. Tiddly winked it up onto the running board. You are a writer!

    1. It's the best (and shortest) description of the most plausible explanation I could think of.

  3. Strange events seem to follow you. The penny on the running board was definitely meant for you!

    1. That running board penny could only have been more strange if it jumped into my pocket as I bent over!