Saturday, February 20, 2021

Val COINS a New Term: The Lincoln-Douglass Rebates

Wouldn't you know it? Even Steven must have read my pitiful penny post last week.  Feeling sorry for my lone penny, and anticipating my scratchers losses from Hick's purchases, good ol' Even Steven came through for me! He made sure I got at least a little of my money back. In advance!
While I was in town SATURDAY, February 13, only 49 minutes AFTER the Saturday CENTSus had gone to post, I found a coin that should have fallen into that week. I used to wait until my town trip, and STOP the presses, if you will, to include a recent acquisition. That's too much like work! I prefer to get my posts ready the day before, and schedule their release. Anyhoo...

I had just parked at the Liquor Store to buy scratchers. As I walked around the front of T-Hoe, there was a QUARTER waiting for my hot hand (as hot as it can be at 11 degrees) to snatch it up.
It was a 2017 District of Columbia quarter, face-down, although Frederick Douglass was looking up at me! This is actually the back side of the quarter. Oh my gosh! Now I have to go back and dig this quarter out of my dessert-dish goblet, to see if it is a 2017 P, with irregularities, one being nicknamed a GHOST, and the other being nicknamed a LADYBUG! How appropriate! But mine is probably just a regular quarter with no die-casting errors.
SUNDAY, February 14, I went in the Backroads Casey's for some scratchers to hoard for the next day. The snowstorm was a-comin', and I knew I'd be stranded. I guess Even Steven also knew that my penny-nabbing would be put on hold... because he provided me with this wondrous sight:

Good thing nobody was "not themself," nor worried about improving their breath! Because such a customer might have spied this penny first. I paid for my scratchers, then scooted over to this unused register to pick my penny.
It was a heads-up 2012, waiting there patiently for a ride home in my pocket. 
That makes 2 COINS this week, for a total of 26 CENTS! Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune is fattening-up once again.


Penny       # 11.
Dime         still at 1.
Nickel       still at 0.
Quarter    # 2.

Penny     134
Dime        25
Nickel      10
Quarter      1


  1. Replies
    1. Dang it! Your comment reminds me that I need to go look at it to see if it's special. I could be sitting on a Quarterillionaire Fortune! Or at least a $20 quarter.

  2. Nice reference to the Snickers TV ad. Did you take that first dizzying photo as you lurched your way out of T-hoe? My eyes are still spinning.

    1. It reminds me of Betty White and the football game.

      I was walking around the front end of T-Hoe, headed up the hill to the door. I meant to point out that I was neither drunk, nor on the deck of a ship in rough seas when I took the photo! I didn't get my phone turned all the way horizontal.