Saturday, February 13, 2021

CENTsational! I Got One!

Finally, Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune drought has broken! THURSDAY, February 11,      I T-Hoed the treacherous roads for my weekly errands. Over in Sis-Town for bank and post office and gas, I mined my first copper in 14 days!

Funny I should mention "copper." I had to bide my time. I spied my rightful penny as I bellied up to the counter, but it was instantaneously obscured by the black boot of A CITY POLICEMAN! I dummied-up. Looked neither left nor right. Just did my business, trying to sneak a side-eye without moving my head. After some small talk about a new flavor of snack with the female clerks who were falling all over themselves to flatter him, Sis-Town's Finest paid for his purchase, and released my Lincoln.

It was a face-down 1993 penny. I know that, because the paint was on his tail when I examined my Lincoln more closely. Sorry for the not-very close-up. The clerks were watching me like I was doing something suspicious. I didn't want them to call their buddy back inside. You never know when there might be an APB out for a suspicious ample-rumpuser.
That's 1 COIN this week, for 1 CENT. 


Penny       # 10.
Dime         still at 1.
Nickel       still at 0.
Quarter    still at 1.

Penny     134
Dime        25
Nickel      10
Quarter      1


  1. I thought it was only petty criminals who dummied up and acted nervous near coppers, like someone I know who spots a copper a mile away and does a fast one-eighty and walks in the other direction just a bit faster than normal, trying desperately to appear innocent.

    1. I'm pretty sure I've been caught ample-rumpusing on surveillance video in three different towns...

  2. Replies
    1. More that you know! Found a late entry during my town trip, which will have to wait until next week for its debut.