Thursday, February 4, 2021

What Have We Here?

Hick may be clueless in matters that matter to me, but he is rarely stumped by a mechanical gadget. Here's one that had him asking my opinion.

According to Hick, consensus among his cronies is divided into two camps. One says it is a whale oil lamp. The other says it's a lantern used for fishing, with that hook thingy used for holding a fishing pole to see if the line gets a hit. 

I don't always listen to Hick's bargain tales. I must have nodded off or zoned out or been thinking of something more pleasant, like downloading my income tax software. I thought Hick bought this at the auction. But further interrogation prior to this reveal revealed that this object does NOT belong to Hick! It's his buddy's.

"But it's sitting on YOUR knife display!"

"No, he has one like mine."

"I DID think it looked a little sloppy..."

"Definitely messier than mine."

Anyhoo... Hick didn't know where the guy got it, or what he paid. But he's asking $20 for it.

Hick says there's a piece hanging out of sight, on a chain, that fits over that big wick. It's like a candle-snuffer, he says. To put out the light.

I am clueless.


  1. It looks like a small intestine in a jar.

    1. It looks like Hick's cronies might close ranks and place you in your own camp!

  2. Meh, just use it as a Christmas Tree light. On a really big fireproof tree.

  3. Replies
    1. I think they should light it up to see if it works.

  4. Is that the wick coiled inside the jar? That is a big wick if it is. I don't get the hook thing on it, though. $20 seems a bit pricey for an item you cannot identify.

    1. Yes, the "small intestines" are the wick! I guess it will burn forever, once you put oil or kerosene or whatever fuel it takes in there. I'd like to know what that guy paid for it. Maybe it's an antique! Or maybe someone like Hick built it himself, to keep from wasting a perfectly good small intestine.