Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Hick Seen In Disguise, With A$$es

Our casino lunch was not without incident. No lady choking this time. But our tranquil lunch trio was invaded by CLOSE-DINERS!
Let the record show that this casino restaurant has removed some tables, and spaced the others at VIRUS-dictated distances. Masks are required in the casino. There's an announcement every 15 minutes about all patrons required to wear a mask CORRECTLY, unless actively smoking, eating, or drinking. You know. Because the VIRUS knows you're taking a time-out for those activities, so sits on the sidelines waiting until you finish. Clear dividers separate slot-players from those next to them.
When in the restaurant, Hick, The Pony, and I unmask to eat. We remove our masks and lay them across a thigh, on a purse, or on a chair. No. I am NOT going to eat with a mask on, lifting the bottom, or pulling it down for each bite. Nope. Not touching my filthy mask repeatedly, contaminating my hands and everything I touch, nor shaking my mouth bacteria all over as I jostle the mask. 
Anyhoo... I'm not a mask fanatic. I don't really notice the scoffrules who wear them on their neck while playing slots. It's not like I'm sitting on their lap. Nor do I mind people in the restaurant not wearing them. They're not feeding me like a baby bird. They're in their space, we're in our space.
A Party of Four encroached upon our staked-out space. What in the NOT-HEAVEN, Partiers? Do you not see the furniture grouping? Do you not see that we are clearly established here, eating without our masks? It's not like there's a shortage of places for you to sit.
The Partiers parked their ignorant rumpuses within five feet of Hick's seat. If he had longer (and working) arms, he could have reached out and touched them!
First of all, how do you like Hick's disguise? I created it myself, heh, heh! He is chowing down on The Pony's leftover chicken strip and fries, Hick's wiener having already disappeared. You may think the Partiers don't look all that close. Let me show you the other seating choices they had.
They had the entire raised bar-table thingy over Hick's other shoulder. All that other seating back there. But that's only in one direction.

The rest of the dining area behind The Pony's chair was also empty! In fact, there was only one other table occupied besides that of Thevictorians.

There on the left side, you can see someone's coat hanging on the back of a chair. This is looking out into the casino. The area behind me has a low stage, and then the drink machine and ordering line. 

I don't know WHY the Partiers had to sit right on top of us! My ire really has nothing to do with the VIRUS. But I know that's on the forefront of your frontal lobes, some of you. So I laid out the casino rules. I would have been ticked off ANY TIME people have so much room available, and crowd into my previously staked-out space.

Oh, and in case you're interested in the ambiance of this casino bar/restaurant... here's a look at the decor.

There's an upper deck area. I think it's a fancy restaurant, that has an outdoor area to watch the mighty Mississippi flowing by during warmer months. But I took this photo to show you the things in those cubbyholes.

They're SEWING MACHINES! I don't know their significance. No other casinos I frequent have had a sewing machine collection. Heh, heh! Maybe they can be checked out for Close-Sitting Partiers to repair their rumpuses after someone puts a boot in there!


  1. OMG, you are right, virus or not that is just bad form! There are unwritten rules of space respecting. I would have picked up myself and moved while coughing and slamming chairs back under the table to make sure they knew I why I was moving. I would do that on the train when someone decided to sit next to me when there were a zillion empty seats elsewhere.

    1. So they might have needed those sewing machines for rumpus repair if they were close-sitters with YOU!

      I could understand if there wasn't EVERY TABLE BUT ONE available to keep them from sitting next to us. They weren't getting bar service, either.

  2. They do seem close, but with their backs turned and a fair bit of space between you. Without measuring it does look like five feet. Otherwise the staff wouldn't have positioned your table right there. I recognised all those sewing machines and am now wondering if the casino space was once one of those giant manufacturing places where women sat for hours at a time sewing curtains or dresses.

    1. Two had their backs to us, and two were facing us. This is only the second time I've seen anybody sit at that long table, which is not moveable. I guess the staff didn't consider that in placing our table. Though I haven't seen our particular table that close to the long one, either. We normally sit one table to the right, visible behind The Pony's empty chair.

      I can only blame Hick. He's the first one to the table every time, setting down his dessert, then coming back for soda. I even asked The Pony, "WHY are we at THIS table?" He replied, "Uheeahh." Which I think is Pony for "I don't know."

      I'm pretty sure the casino was built new. But maybe there was a factory on that property or nearby. I'll try to get a picture from outside. There's an issue with their light poles that I would like to bring to discussion!

  3. Some people are plain stupid. they qualify.

    Casino looks sharp. We haven't been to one since March where we saw Credence Clearwater Revival/John Fogerty in an outdoors performance. After that, the casinos shut down.

    Your Hick and my John are remarkably alike.

    1. They might even be a little EXTRA stupid. What with the VIRUS and all.

      This casino is pretty nice on the gaming floor. It's just the holiday decorations out front that seem cut-rate, like Palm Tree Santa!

      I'm hoping you mean they're alike by behavior, and not alike by appearance, considering the disguise I drew on Hick! Kampground Kathy's husband HeWho also shares their branch on an unrelated-family tree.

  4. Well, you know me, I would have moved to another table, all the while dramatically talking about the rudeness of people in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear.

    1. Heh, heh! I wish you and joeh had been with us, to start the rebellion! As long as you two stuck your necks out first, I might have extended mine a little and heaved a heavy sigh, perhaps even scooting my chair over a couple of inches.