Saturday, February 6, 2021

EVENtually, Val Will Recover From Being PENNYless

There is no joy in Backroadsville this week. The Future Pennyillionaire has struck out.
I'm pretty sure The Pony would say, "Um, QUARTER last week!" He's such a realist. Any time I have a no-win day on scratchers, he has to bring up, "Um, EIGHTY-SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS!" If it was up to The Pony, I would never win anything again, or find a single cent. I don't know why he has to begrudge me that casino jackpot.
Good thing Even Steven controls my Pennyillionaire destiny, and not The Pony! 

There will be more pennies on my horizon. I can feel it in my bones. Or maybe that's just the frigid weather moving in for Saturday night. Still, I believe there are pennies out there RIGHT NOW just waiting for me to pick them up. You know Val, the eternal optimist!
I'm not even bent out of shape like Hick's knife he was given to eat his prime rib dinner with, at the casino on December 22! Also, the soda cup that I posed the knife on is 100 percent full!
Let the record show that's 0 COINS this week, for 0 CENTS. :(



Penny       still at 9.
Dime         still at 1.
Nickel       still at 0.
Quarter    still at 1.

Penny     134
Dime        25
Nickel      10
Quarter      1


  1. Of course there are pennies out there, but they're over here in the form of ten cent pieces which I found two of last week :)

    1. That explains it! Even Steven is on loan again. Maybe he's giving you more than pennies so he can cut his visit short and return to me!

  2. Sometimes you win and well, sometimes you win $8,600. Hubby is the lucky duck lately.

  3. I am quite certain there is someone out there with holes in their pockets right this minute, dropping coins just for you!!

    1. I am certain, too. I will claim them when Even Steven decides the time is right.