Friday, February 19, 2021

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad, You Take Them Both, and There You Have...the Hick's Sad Wife

Remember back on VALbirthentine's Day, when I gave Hick four scratchers? And ALL FOUR WON, giving him $40? I also bought myself some tickets that day, and set half of them aside for Monday, since I knew we'd be snowed in, and I wouldn't be going to town. My own tickets that I scratched on VALbirthentine's Day won me $45. So I bested Hick! But that's not the GOOD part! I only had one winner on the tickets I saved for Monday, but it was a doozy!

If you like scratchers, and an-ti-ci-pAAA-AAA-tion, you can try to figure out what I won. If you don't, it will be in the second paragraph after this one. 
This is a $5 scratcher. There are two puzzles that pay separately. You have to get 3 or more words on a puzzle to win. If one of the words in your winners contains the money bag symbol in the top puzzle, the prize doubles. If one of your winners in the bottom puzzle contains the money stack symbol, you win triple the prize. The prizes are shown in the Prize Legend. OR you can win on the Bonus Word, which I did not. I was all excited, because I thought I had a $40 winner! Five words on the top puzzle, for $25. And three words on the bottom puzzle, for $15 (5 x 3) for the money stack symbol in "key."

Imagine my surprise when I scanned the barcode, and saw $100 WINNER! I had miscounted my words. There are FIVE words on the bottom puzzle! For $75 (25 x 3). Plus the $25 from the top puzzle. I was also thrilled because it was ticket number 000, which I normally shun like the plague!

Anyhoo... that's the GOOD part of my week of isolation. Now for the BAD part...

Since Hick has been going to town for not-so-secret donuts from Casey's, I asked if he would buy scratchers for me. He agreed (on my dime or cash-ins). He bought them for me Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I didn't start scratching the Hick tickets until Tuesday afternoon.

Over four days of purchasing, I only had TWO winners from the Hick tickets. They were both a $3 crossword ticket. Each won $6. ONLY $12 IN FOUR DAYS was won on Hick-bought tickets!

I appreciate his effort. Really. I told him so. It's not for his lack of trying. I guess this shows that NOT JUST ANYBODY can buy winning scratchers, heh, heh! You can't send a Hick to do a Val's job! While I enjoyed the scratching, it was quite disheartening to put forth so much effort, only to lose time after time.

For the record, when The Pony scratched his birthday tickets on Monday, he also had a $100 winner. Bought by Val on Saturday.


  1. Does Hick buy the ticket numbers you want or does he just front up to the counter and buy whatever number is next in line? Because that could be the problem. on the other hand, at least he is buying scratchers for you so you don't have to go without.

    1. We can't pick the ticket number of the scratchers. But the clerks at the Gas Station Chicken Store will tell me what number is next on the roll. So I can change my mind if it's 000, and not take it! This $100 winner was out of Country Mart's machine, so I couldn't find out the number first.

      I wrote down the names of the tickets I wanted on a note card, because Hick told me to write down what I wanted. He handed the note card to the clerk. Anything to make less work for himself!

      I think the problem is that he goes too darn EARLY! I'm used to getting my winning tickets in the afternoon, not before 8:00 a.m.

      Today I drove to town and bought my own scratchers, and won $28. I gave The Pony a $2 ticket, and he won $2.

  2. I have no idea how that scratcher thing works, way too complicated for me, but $100 is a nice score.

    This title is being nominated for Val's best post title of the year.

    1. I've been home for five days, with nothing to write about. So I could dwell on the title. The year is YOUNG!

    2. I do blame you for the friggin ear worm it caused!

    3. The next one might lead you to a history lesson. Be careful what you blame for! Then again, you might be a history wizard AS WELL as a geography wizard who knew England is an island.

    4. Shockingly enough, YES! Not at all located on the coast between Germany and France!

  3. I think you have the magic touch. Hang a shingle.

  4. Replies
    1. I play the scratchers so you don't have to! I'm selfless like that.