Monday, March 16, 2020

This Is Where Things Get Dicey

Last Saturday, The Pony informed me of another paranormal event at his apartment in campus housing at OU.

"OK. So, one of my dice was missing since last Wednesday."


"Well, it was sitting in the middle of my carpet when I came home from lunch today. As in, where multiple people would have stepped on it in the intervening time if it had been there."

"Funny how that happens."

"Another weird part is that now a different die is missing. The 6-sided one that had been on the table is now gone."

"All dice are 6-sided..."

"Nope. Standard dice are. There's 4, 8, 10, 12, 20, etc. The missing one was a d20."

"Oh, you must mean devil dice for your rituals!"

"They're for gaming with Bestie and Second-Bestie."

"Like I said...your rituals!"

"Gaming is not a ritual! You don't use dice!"

"How can a die have 4 sides? It would be two-dimensional!"

"Mom... tetrahedron."

"Oh. A pyramid!"

"I see they didn't each you geometry in high school either. Or at least the same person taught it as did geography."

[I could not let that pointed reference to my late-life discovery that ENGLAND IS AN ISLAND go without defense.]

"I and my valedictorianship have no need for such knowledge, when I can win on scratchers. Besides, my geometry teacher had a student teacher for a semester. Time was spent with certain inquiring minds asking her if she had a d*ldo, and if she'd ever had a menage a tois. My spelling might be off, because my language teacher was a pervert."

"I genuinely have no idea how to respond to that."

"Valedictorianship comes with a price."

 At that point, The Pony ceased communication. I guess we both learned something.


  1. I don't even want to know how to play any game with those weird dice. I had trouble with "Trouble" and the pop-it thing.

    WAIT...England is an Island?

    1. Yeah, and he wonders why weird things happen in his apartment! I never liked Trouble, by my sister the little future ex-mayor's wife did!

      I was as shocked as you are!

  2. I blinked when I read tetrahedron, thinking what the heck is that? Then of course as I read pyramid I remembered. We used to buy iceblocks in tetra-paks, frozen orange cordial called Sunny-Boys and frozen chocolate or strawberry milk, I don't remember what they were called but we all loved the chocolate ones and called them all pyramids.

    1. Mmm...tetrahedron. That's my Homer Simpson impression.

  3. "I genuinely have no idea how to respond to that." LOVE IT when you leave them speechless. The activity continues?

  4. The Pony is quite good at growing indignant. The moved dice was the last I heard, and the metal bowl that kept jumping off his kitchen counter while he was in the shower.

  5. Poor Pony! You shocked him with your one-upmanship! You showed your competitive streak.

    1. The Pony, like his dad, always has an answer for everything. He will talk around an issue seven ways to Sunday, sometimes without providing a fact. At least he's a good sport at verbal sparring, and does more than repeat the same exact statement louder each time.