Tuesday, December 31, 2019

When the Boys Come Home, the Other-Worldly Does Roam

Genius and The Pony have been home for Christmas. The Pony had a longer stay, from the 18th thru the 30th. Genius departed shortly before noon on Christmas Day, heading to Friend's house, then off to a ski trip out west.

The Pony has been quite comfortable in his own bedroom, cluttered as it may be. Genius's room has been closed since he left. Genius had carried up the gifts he opened under the basement Christmas tree. The ones I hadn't mailed directly to his Pittsburgh apartment. Hick will be mailing them once Genius returns from his ski trip.

Saturday night, Hick was in bed. The Pony sat in the La-Z-Boy with his laptop, while I reclined in my OPC (Old People Chair) in the basement. At 10:45, I heard a tremendous THUMP from Genius's room. It was startling, but I knew The Pony was upstairs. A possible explanation for such a noise.

"Are you up there?"


"What was THAT?"

"I don't know! I was going to ask YOU!"

"It was in Genius's room!"


"Unless maybe it was the dogs on the front porch, knocking something over..."


"It didn't sound like something falling on wood, though."

"I know! It was a THUMP! Something heavy!"

"Uh...will you go look?"

"I don't want to..."

"Like...on the porch. To see if the dogs did it."

"I'll look on the porch. Nope. Nothing is different out there."

"In Genius's room...?"

"Yikes. I don't really want to..."

"Keep talking to me while you do it."

"Okaayyy. First...nothing out of place in my room. I'm opening his door...Huh! Looks like those donut pans fell off the bed. It sure sounded like more than that. No clanging. But HEAVY. I don't know how he had them sitting..."

"Yeah. Funny how they sat there for 3 and a half days before falling. Nobody was moving. No vibrations."

"I know!"

I didn't go look at what The Pony saw on Saturday night. Are you kidding? That's just CRAZY! But Sunday, around noon, I opened up the door to get a peek. Surely you don't think The Pony moved anything on Saturday night!

You never know when something around here is going to demand attention.

Let the record show that Genius made donuts when he lived with five housemates in college, and fancied himself to be the next Krispy Kreme. He enjoys cooking, so I thought he might like a donut pan. Actually, I had gotten a donut pan for The Pony, with an easy recipe using only cake mix and applesauce. I wanted ONE MORE, but Hick bought two, ignoring my list. Then I figured I'd give it to Genius. But nobody wants to go to the trouble of making only 6 donuts. So I got another pan.

Anyhoo...Genius decided he doesn't think he'll use them, because he FRIES his donuts, and doesn't want to make cake donuts. Those pans might remain there until his next visit.


  1. Those should fall with a clink, not a CRASH!!

    1. YES! No clinking. Just a THUMP like a big box, dropped from waist height.

    2. They would thump if they slid off the bed and landed on their edge then fell apart.

    3. Yes, they would thump. But if they were together, I'd think they'd make a clink as well, metal against metal, whether I heard the clink through the carpet and floorboards or not. Otherwise, they'd be stuck together so tightly they wouldn't separate when they hit.

  2. Or do you have slight earthquakes.

    1. Rarely. The last report I see is a 2.6 magnitude on Sept 11, 2019.

  3. Clearly the donut pans have realised they are unwanted and have committed suicide. I think you should scoop them up and use them at least once, to make them feel better, since Genius has said he prefers to fry his donuts so doesn't want the pans. Then give them to The Pony. Why is he called The Pony?

    1. I will use the donut pans. The Pony was gifted with his own donut pans.

      The Pony got his name at around the age of 7. We had been to McDonald's, and even though specifically asking for a BOY'S toy in his happy meal, he was given a pink plastic carousel. Genius and I put it together, and had a great time making it go round. The Pony refused to touch it. So we mocked him by calling him Pony.

  4. Oh yeah, we all know what it was, but try and prove it. That genius of yours has some powerful electrical vibes or something.

    1. Last night, at 10:45 again, I heard walking in Genius's room!