Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Power of Val's Weirdo Magnet Crosses State Lines

You'd think I could escape weirdos by driving (riding) 9.5 hours from home with a jabbing sweaver. But no. My weirdo magnet's pull is epic.

Thanksgiving night, after our casino buffet feast at Riverwind Casino, The Pony and I worked our way towards the front of the casino. We parted ways as I entered the women's bathroom and The Pony continued losing. Let the record show that riding 9.5 hours does my knees no favors. Nor does traipsing around a casino. I move slowly.

When I came out the open maze-like entrance of the restrooms, a man was standing against the half-wall across from it. I assumed he was waiting for a companion to exit the restrooms. He met my eye briefly, as I hobbled down the slight ramp to enter the FREE SODA room. Imagine my surprise when Waiting Guy followed me.

There are two soda fountains in there. I went to the one on the right. Pulled a cup. Pushed the lever for ice, and started filling my cup with Diet Pepsi (!). I don't like people behind me. I glanced around to keep track of Waiting Guy. He was just standing there, looking at me. CREEPY! When he saw me looking, he went to the soda fountain on the left. Stood there. Didn't pull a cup.

What in the NOT-HEAVEN?

I added a dash of lemonade to my beverage, and got the Not-Heaven out of there! Of all the times for nobody else to be lined up at the soda fountains! The entrance is wide, but the soda fountains are in an alcove to the right. Not seen from outside on the main walkway.

Sure, Waiting Guy probably had no ill intentions. But he could have easily knocked me in the head, or grabbed my gambling over-the-shoulder purse and toppled me over while making a swift getaway. Although a 30-something dude running with a purse MIGHT have seemed suspicious.

But that's not my WEIRDEST Oklahoma weirdo encounter this time.

As we were getting ready to leave the Grand Casino on our way to the Thanksgiving buffet, I told Hick and The Pony to wait while I made a stop at the bathroom. Again, it was an open entrance, with a little maze turn to block the stalls from view. Once I made the turn, I went to the first stall.

It was a handicap stall, which I have no qualms about using. I need the bar apparatus to hoist myself off the throne, my knees bullying me into such a process. The door was wooden, with louvers, and painted yellow.

I pulled the door open, stepped inside, and turned to reach for the door to pull it closed. The door would not move, because


It was like an opposite battle of Lucy and Ethel over the armrest at the movie theater. Instead of pushing, we were both pulling. She was a bleached blonde 50-something gal, leathery skin and sinewy arms. Pretty stong. She met my eye, and said,

"Oh. I thought this was the door."

Sheesh! At first, I'd thought she was protesting my entry into the handicap stall! Although she herself did not seem to be physically handicapped. A casino worker stood cleaning a nearby sink, watching us in the mirror. Grabby glared at me like I'd dared to renovate the entrance while she'd been in her stall. Then turned and left through the maze opening. I closed that door, shaken by the unexpected confrontation.

I'm glad that door had a good latch!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm sure that's a rhetorical questions, but no. The full moon falls on Genius's birthday, 12/12. Coincidentally, the actual time the moon turns full is 12:12 a.m. eastern time.

      My weirdo magnet has full pull no matter which phase the moon is in.

  2. Replies
    1. Good thing both incidents didn't occur in the same casino, or I'd thing the weirdos were in cahoots, and a conspiracy was afoot!

  3. Here's what you do. Go home. Go straight home. Do not pass Go and do not collect $200. Lock your doors and windows and sit in a corner quaking and crying.
    Okay, let me think on that a bit more.
    Perhaps turn face on to the lurker/follower and ask straight out are you following me? Then find a security guard and point him out

    1. First suggestion means I'd be locking myself in with my own weirdo INSIDE THE HOUSE! The second one means I'd have to grow a spine and be confrontational.

      Or I could have walked directly at the lurker, to see if he turned to follow me, once out of the soda room. As it was, I left and didn't look back to see where he was. I wove my way into the middle of the casino, with plenty of people (and possible weirdos) around.

  4. You and I seem to find the lurkers, or rather, they seem to find us. As for the tug of war in the ladies room, better than me walking in on an Asian man in the MEN'S room!

    1. Were you fresh from your efforts to obtain a mammogram on the Bookmobile? I hope that Asian man didn't have a blog, or you might be outed as a weirdo!

  5. You know thieves can work in pairs and as you were on a winning streak, you were vulnerable in that bathroom, She might have been creepy mans side kick. Oh my a crime novel in the making. Glad you are safe, Sorry about your knees . They can hurt like not heaven can't they?

    1. You ain't a-woofin' about the knee pain! Hope yours are better now.

      Lucky for me, those two weirdos were in different casinos, a couple hours apart. I'm always conscious of who's around me, especially in a casino. WHY do they want to sit by me, WHY do they want to chat? I don't go to a casino to make new friends.