Friday, February 10, 2023

Two More Trials From My Nemesis

Remember that New Gal who was not very congenial about my scratcher purchases? Asking if I HAD ENOUGH MONEY to pay for them, and then snapping at me for her hasty mistake? I had two encounters with her this week!

Tuesday I was in the School-Turn Casey's on my way to pick up The Pony's house payment. Of course all the other clerks were on a break, and New Gal was the only one at the register. I considered leaving, but there was only one other customer, wrapping up her soda and cigarette purchase, so I stepped in line. New Gal rewarded me by 


Seriously. Like that can't wait until a lull. Gotta do it right that moment when I step up to the counter. I didn't put a hex on her or anything. Really. I didn't wish for her to fall off the ladder, or for some cigarette cartons to conk her on the noggin. Nope. I just waited until she was ready to serve me. Can't say it was with a smile on her part.

Heh, heh! I guess New Gal was stewing in her own juices about having to wait on me. She messed up! She didn't ring up all my tickets! She kind of caught on. Was shuffling through them, a bit discombobulated. Counting how many tickets, looking at the electronic receipt thingy, counting tickets.

"You forgot one of the $3 tickets. You're $3 short of what it should be."

Not even a thanks! But New Gal rang it up right, and I paid her WITH ENOUGH MONEY in exact change. It was a double laugh on her, because she sold me a $10 ticket that won $50! Revenge is sweet.

Thursday, I was back there on my way home from mailing Genius's weekly letter at the main post office. I sighed with relief when I entered, and saw another lady behind the register, and New Gal standing over by the deli counter, chatting with another employee. I breezed past her and got in line. 

Of course that other clerk had a problem with some man complaining about something that went wrong earlier, around 2:30. So Other Clerk called to New Gal to come take over RIGHT WHEN IT WAS MY TURN! I can't catch a break.

New Gal asked what I wanted, and got out  my tickets. She rang them up and told me the total. Threw no shade this time. I guess I've almost broken her like a wayward colt or a naughty puppy. I stopped short of killing her with kindness, but I was cordial while giving her the look that said, "You know that I know that you're a little ne'er-do-well."


  1. I wonder what would happen if you actually smiled at her next time?

    1. I'd say her head might explode, but it hasn't yet. I always smile and greet the clerks when I step up to the counter, rather than just demanding my scratchers. Maybe she hasn't noticed, always being so busy doing something else before waiting on me.