Thursday, February 2, 2023

Hick's Turn To Be Bamboozled

On Monday, we awoke to a surprise ice storm. Hick decided he needed to go to the bank and cash in his jar full of quarters, dimes, and nickels. I think he had been planning to do this for a while, since the jar was full to the brim. The urgency was because we were heading to Oklahoma with my sister the ex-mayor's wife for a casino trip the next day.

Hick left home around 8:45. I was sure there would be a Casey's stop for donuts. His intention was to get to the bank when it opened at 9:00, and afterwards pick up prescriptions at his pharmacy. 

Anyhoo... Hick later revealed that the bank did not open until 10:30.

"I'm not surprised. They pretty much do as they please since they got away with only running the drive-thru during THE VIRUS. I doubt they're even answering their phones again. Did you get your change cashed in?"

"NO! They saw me walk in with my jar, and the gal immediately said, 'Our coin machine still isn't working.' So I said, 'That's okay. I'll take it down to the main bank.' And she said, 'I don't think theirs is working, either.' So I left and took my coins to Walmart. I'll never do THAT again!"

"Why? Because they charge you?"

"TEN PERCENT! I thought it was going to be three percent. I had $197.35, and they took $19.74!"

"Well, you'll know next time. But I bet the bank was just telling you their coin machine didn't work, because they didn't want to deal with your coins. What a coincidence that the coin machines in the branch and the main bank were BOTH broken! These are the people who told me their fax machines didn't work, too. At both locations."

"Maybe they were really broken. She said they don't accept coin rolls, either. That somebody had to count all the coins."

"Think about it. They're a freakin' BANK! Money is their business! Think how many companies use them, and bring in their deposits on a Monday. Seriously. Do you think they have someone counting coins by hand all day? From business deposits? Suuuure it was broken..."

Sometimes Hick is too trusting.


  1. If they're anything like the fresh out of high school bank employees we have here, it's probably because they don't even know what coins are. LOL

    1. That is highly possible. I never see that age group using coins or even bills when I'm in line at convenience stores. I'm pretty sure there's some form of irony involved with them being employed by a BANK!

  2. Even with what that teller said, I would have still tried main bank. How can Walmart charge a fee? Is that even legal?

    1. It's not actually Walmart charging the fee, but the Coinstar machine that they have up front. So I guess it's a matter of a vendor making a profit for their service.

  3. Should have lugged the jug to the casino and let them count the coins. I think someone was for sure messing with Hick. So did you make it to the casino? Win?

    1. I'm not at all happy with our service at this bank branch, but we've been there for 30 years, and I'm too old to switch. I think they give you the runaround on things they don't want to do. If it was their policy not to count customer change, then they would have told him it was not a service they offer. Hard to believe a money business has a change counter that's "still not working."

      We made it to the casino. BARELY! And back. Left some cash behind... Story coming up in a couple days.