Wednesday, February 1, 2023

First Major Project at the Double Hovel

Hick got the roof leak repaired at the Double Hovel. That allowed him to proceed with his first major project, the bathroom renovation.

Here's the original bathroom, from 11/02/22, with an entrance off the kitchen:

The washer and dryer had been on the wall opposite the shower:

The first thing Hick did, 11/29/22, was move the toilet to a spot under the window, and cut a door into the adjacent bedroom:

Don't worry, he's throwing that toilet away and putting in a new one. This just shows the location.

Here's the latest update, 01/26/23:

This picture was taken from standing in the door Hick cut for the bedroom. The toilet and window area is out of view to the right. The new floor is in. The waterproof board has been installed. The shower is now across the room, where the washer/dryer hookups were before. Hick will clean the tub/shower, and resurface it if needed. The kitchen wall has been moved in, and kitchen access closed off. On the other side of that blue wall to the left is a laundry room. The alcove will have shelves for storing towels and sheets and other supplies.

More pictures as more progress is made. 


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, things are kind of on hold until after Hick's back surgery and recovery. He does what he can right now.

  2. Hick really is a Jack of all trades. I am impressed.

    1. It keeps him out of trouble and off the streets!

  3. Slow and steady, warm greetings to you and best wishes.

    1. Hick likes to get it right the first time, and often has to slow down his not-so-steady helper. Just last week there was a wiring issue when Old Buddy, working in the attic to prevent Hick from climbing, rushed into his connections and had to re-do it twice.