Friday, February 17, 2023

A Pest is a Pest and Causes You Strife, But a Dad is Your Father the Rest of Your Life

The Pony sent me a text at 4:27 on Thursday afternoon:

"Guess what was on my hall toilet seat when I got home!"

Huh. That was definitely a loaded question. I took a stab.

"A squirrel?"

"I wonder whose."

"No DNA test necessary." 

Here's the thing. Hick has no qualms about using The Pony's house as his personal toilet. It would be different if he was working there. But he's not. I have told him numerous times that this is THE PONY'S HOUSE! Hick has no right to pop in there to poop or pee on his whim. It's like breaking and entering, even though he has a key. The Pony pays good money to own that house. It's not ours. It's HIS. I would not mind The Pony coming into our mansion when we're not here, because it's his childhood home. He's always welcome. But now he's an adult, buying his house from us, and we have no right to go in when he's not home.

Hick disagrees.

"The Pony said he had pee on his toilet when he got home today."

"Oh. Well. I guess I didn't get it wiped off."

"You have no business going in there when he's not home."

"I was doing something for him. He asked me to."

"What? What were you working on?"

"He sent me a text this morning and said the wind blew his trash can out into the road, and he didn't have time to get it. So would I put it back on his porch when I came to town for lunch."

"That's OUTSIDE. You had no reason to go inside."

"Yeah I did. I had to pee. Besides, his trash can was in the road yesterday. I saw it."

That's Hick logic for you.

The Pony won't say anything about it. Not even to me. He is very appreciative of all the work Hick put into his house. But I'm pretty sure he feels violated. Everybody has a right to privacy in his own home. 


  1. I agree with you! My children are welcome to come in my house anytime, but I would never enter their homes without a really good reason! And, if I did use the bathroom, I would definitely not leave evidence!

    1. Such a rude welcome of The Pony to MY world!

      It's different if The Pony has an issue with something in his house, and tells Hick when it's convenient to come look at it. Just popping in while The Pony is at work is not acceptable!

  2. Change the locks and give only give mom the extra key. Problem solved? Ranee

    1. In theory, that would be the perfect solution. In reality, I'd have to drive that key to town and meet Hick if a problem arose and The Pony needed Hick to enter the house.

      Having Hick learn the unwritten rules of society, and abide by them, is a working solution. Though probably overly optimistic.

  3. I agree everyone has a right to privacy in his or her own home. Imagine if The Pony had someone sleeping over and said someone was on the toilet when Hick went inside!
    I guess if Hick changes tactics and always cleans up he'd probably get away with it.

    1. Yes, you shouldn't have to live your life like there might be an "inspection" any minute. Hick is never going to clean up after himself! So he won't be getting away with anything.

  4. It is such a guy thing to pee on the seat or floor. He should have wiped off the evidence with a wet wipe. Oh ick. Like walkinginto a casino bathroom: tinkle, sprinkle ick.

    1. I have never encountered such a sight in a casino bathroom! Now at home...