Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Strapping On the Casino Feedbag

Our casino lunch last Tuesday was nothing remarkable. The menu seems to have been changed, allowing for fewer selections. I hope it's not the beginning of the end! Usually there are a few specials on the holiday week. But there was nothing special for Valentine's Day. Unless you wanted to make reservations for the sit-down restaurant. Not us!

The Pony ordered his usual chicken sandwich. Or so he thought... When he joined me at the soda fountain, he was kicking himself in the rumpus.

"I meant to order the FRIED chicken sandwich, but when she asked, I said GRILLED. Oh, well. I guess it will be good enough."

"Go back and tell them! Dad is just now paying. They haven't given the ticket to the kitchen yet. You can still change it. They're the same price."

"Nah. That's okay."

The Pony wouldn't say fried chicken if he had a mouthful of it! He avoids confrontation.

Yes, there really IS a piece of grilled chicken under those toppings. The Pony hasn't gone vegetarian. He HAS applied fresh nail polish...

I had the BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich. It is now on a bun, rather than on toast. Sis also had the BBQ Pulled Pork. She asked me if I had ever requested EXTRA BBQ SAUCE! Let's not forget the fiasco last time Sis asked for BBQ sauce.

"No. It's mostly on the bun. I have enough."

When Sis's sandwich arrived, she told the gal, "I have a question. I'm not going to cry if you say no, but can I get some extra BBQ sauce for my sandwich?"

"I will have to charge you 50 cents."

"Okay. Never mind." When the gal left, Sis said, "I have 50 cents. I have all this change in my purse. But I'm not using it to pay for sauce."

Hick had the Fried Catfish with Onion Rings. I had thought about having the catfish. It is a former favorite of mine.

Good thing I didn't order it. Hick gave me a piece, when he was almost done. It was a nice plump piece of catfish, so I was not at all leery of it being fried skin, like I got one time. However... after one bite, I gave that piece back to Hick!

"OH YUCK! That's terrible! It's so fishy! They must have changed suppliers. This takes like it just came out of a pond. Like I took a bite right out of the side of the fish. YUCK! I will never get that taste out of my mouth!"

While I was not jealous of Hick's catfish, I WAS jealous of his onion rings. I swear, no matter what side Hick orders, he always gets a separate container full of it! While mine is always sharing the cardboard bowl with my main course. ALSO, I have never gotten pickles along with my catfish.

Here's an epiphany I had while complaining about Hick's giant onion ring portion. Hick is the one who always PAYS for the order! He gives his name. He's the first to order, so they know what he is getting. And he's the one who ADDS THE TIP at the counter before sitting down! 
I feel so Sherlock Holmesy...


  1. I don't like pork (unless it is smoked ham or bacon) but I do like the look of your sandwich. The Pony's sandwich looks good too.
    The catfish looks dry and if it tastes fishy, the fish is probably old and they're trying to disguise the fact by coating and frying it.
    Why does Sis make a fuss about asking for extra sauce if she doesn't really want any? And if she DOES want extra why not just pay the 50cents?

    1. I had to eat my sandwich with a knife and fork, but I picked up the saucy top bun to take bites. The Pony said his grilled chicken sandwich was good, even though he prefers the fried version.

      The catfish was not at all dry. It was moist inside, and crispy outside. Just too FISHY! It looked like the skin was still on it, a dark gray section along the edge under the coating.

      Sis really wanted the sauce. She just stands on principle that it shouldn't cost extra, because you're buying the meal, and it should be included. People ask for sauce to be left off, and don't get a discount. So asking for extra sauce should be okay and not charged.

  2. I had someone tell me that if the fish smells fishy, it mans it is not fresh. I realize it came frozen, but this fount of fish eating info says that means the fish was thawed , then refridgerated for some time. This guy was wierd, but I have found this knowledge to be true.

    1. Nothing would surprise me. They used to serve this as "1 pound of catfish" and now it is 3/4 pound, and costs a couple dollars more. And they don't serve the pulled pork sandwich on Texas Toast any more. Corners have definitely been cut.