Sunday, February 5, 2023

Terror In Ponyland

The Pony woke up with a migraine on Friday morning. He contemplated not going to work, but it would put him over his sick days. He dosed up with Tylenol and ibuprofen, took a shower, and decided he was sure-footed enough to go in. After all, he could always leave if he got worse. The drama played out by text.

"Finished my shower. Still hurts, but not debilitating. I should be fine, I think." That was at 7:16. By 8:31, I heard an update. "Oh, forgot to say that I'm feeling mostly better. Working now."

I was alarmed when I heard another text come in at 11:33. But not as alarmed as The Pony.

"I just saw a house burning down. Didn't have my phone but someone had already called 911 and gotten everyone out. But in the time it took to walk the next block, four police, an ambulance, and five fire trucks got there. Terrifying."

"Wow! Hope no one was hurt bad. What is it by?"

"It's the block right after the daycare in School-Turn Town. Just before you get to the Casey's. It didn't look like they were hurt. Someone on the right side of the street had run in as I walked up, and came out with a lady and a big dog before the smoke went from thin and yellow to black and fiery."

"Good thing the firehouse is relatively close."

"Yeah. The police got there faster, but it still wouldn't have been more than five or six minutes from me seeing the guy calling them."
"But did their MAIL burn up??? Or had you not delivered it yet?"

"They were on the loop back. Had to skip that entire block."

At 4:32, I heard more from The Pony.

"I'm apparently in at least one Facebook video of the fire!"

"Wow. You're famous. Hope you didn't shove down a 5-year-old boy and an old lady with a walker to get away ahead of them! That's a Seinfeld reference to George at a birthday party apartment fire."

Never a dull day at work for The Pony.


  1. Not the kind of day you want to add to your memory box. I hope no one was hurt in the fire. And I hope The Pony's headache is better.

    1. There was an article on the front page of the local online paper, saying nobody was hurt in the fire. The Pony's head is okay for now.