Friday, February 3, 2023

Bait and Switch at the $3.00 Lunch Place

Hick wanted lunch at the senior center Monday, but was pretty sure they would be closed because of the overnight surprise sleet storm. He had been looking forward to the pepper steak that he saw on the menu, despite the fact that he abhors peppers, and makes me pick them off his pizza, and out of his Hunan Chicken.

I was getting a little worried about Hick when I had not heard from him by 11:30. He left home at 8:45 with the wind chill at 12 degrees. It was only one year ago (minus four days) that he had put both SilverRedO and A-Cad in a ditch in just such a storm, on his way to pick me up from my Unfortunate HospitVALzation. So I sent him a text.

"I hope you're not in a ditch."

"I'm at senior center they are open."

Well. So much for my worry. Though at least Hick was punished for keeping me in the dark by having a meal that did not resemble pepper steak!

"We had two hamburgers with brown gravy over them. And mashed potatoes, green beans, and strawberry rhubarb pie."

"What happened to the pepper steak?"

"I don't know. I guess this is what they call pepper steak."

For $3.00, I think he did okay. Hick probably liked that meal better than he would have liked actual pepper steak...


  1. Sounds like a good meal to me! I made a small pot of spaghetti sauce today, the first in about two years.

    1. Sounds good enough to me, too. Though I would call it Salisbury Steak, or chopped steak in gravy. I just bought hamburger and sauce today, since spaghetti is in Hick's future.