Saturday, February 11, 2023

Cinco de PENNO

Not a bad week at all for Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune.

SATURDAY, February 4, I stepped into the Backroads Casey's and was confronted with an unclaimed treasure.

Yes, of course I claimed it for my own!

It was a face-down 1974 penny looking for a forever home. Mission accomplished.

MONDAY, February 6, found me at Orb K, due to the parking being too inhospitable at the Backroads Casey's. I was meant to be at Orb K. Even though my favorite parking spot near the door was taken. I put T-Hoe at the end, in front of the coin-operated vaccuum, feeling not a bit guilty for blocking it, since it bore a taped sign saying it was not working. I opened T-Hoe's door to see this beautiful sight:

Yes, indeed! There were TWO pennies peeping out from under T-Hoe's door.

The first was a heads-up 1977 penny, with Lincoln looking right at T-Hoe.

The second was a heads-up 1982 version, giving me the cold shoulder.

THURSDAY, February 9, I was back in Sis-Town at the Casey's, getting T-hoe's gas on errand day. Waiting in line made me antsy, fearing that some weirdo other penny collector might nab my rightful coin before I had a chance.

Got it! I might or might not have been holding my breath while waiting my turn.

It was a face-down 1993 penny. The clerk asked, "Are you taking a picture of something?" I held my tongue and did NOT tell her that was MY business. Or ask her if she had a guilty conscience for not sweeping. I can be civil. She has no strikes, and is not my nemesis. Yet...

FRIDAY, February 10, I was back at Orb K, again due to the parking situation at the Backroads Casey's. This time I got my good parking spot. I almost had to ask for my tickets at the far-away register, but I told the clerk I was stepping over to see the numbers on the tickets. He asked the old lady clerk who was puttering around and trying to get away at the nearest register if she could wait on me. Heh, heh! He really outsmarted her. She grudgingly got my tickets, though not impolitely.

While standing there, I saw a treat at my feet. The penny by the wall, not the paper thing impersonating a bill. 

It was a heads-up 1985 penny. Looks like the same person is still in charge of floor-sweeping.

That's 5 COINS this week, for 5 CENTS towards Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune!


Penny           # 17, 18, 19, 20, 21.
Dime             still at 3
Nickel           still at 1
Quarter        still at 0


Penny           124
Dime              21
Nickel              7
Quarter             9

Penny        124
Dime           14
Nickel           7
Quarter         6


  1. I found one quarter, two dimes, and several pennies this week. You are such a lucky ducky.

    1. Not compared to you! This is my second week of 2023 without finding silver!

  2. I don't think anyone is in charge of floor sweeping at that establishment. I think they wait for a good hurricane sized breeze then open doors on both sides and hope the mess flies out. Anyway.....good haul this week.

    1. It has the worst floor of all the convenience stores I go to! That's even counting the nasty rug at the Liquor Store.

  3. Totally unrelated, I saw the person pictured with a small piece of shirt tuked in his pants and it reminded me of an incident long ago. It was during my reign of management with the fabric chain. I was in my Dothan, Alabama store and was busy resetting new merchandise. I was right in the window putting new bolts of fabric on a round when an older woman walked up and told me to get my dress out of my britches!! I had caught the hem of my dress when I used the restroom and was prancing around with my rear end on display! I know I should have been mortified, but I couldn't stop laughing at myself. I am laughing now!

    1. Heh, heh! I am laughing AT YOU! Reminds me of the Designing Women episode where Julia Sugarbaker did the same thing, and walked down a runway while modeling for charity. I think the title of the episode was something like "Full Moon Over Atlanta."