Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Owed Things Come To Those Who Wait

Remember when Hick bought a saver card from the kids who use HOS's Bus Stop shed? Uh huh. It was last week. January 28th. A Monday. Every day, Hick expected to get his saver card. He watched for it like Ralphie in A Christmas Story watching for his Little Orphan Annie Secret Society Decoder Ring.

Tuesday, Hick made sure he was home from truck-buying to sit and wait for those kids to walk home from the bus stop. He knew they would be bringing his saver card. After all, the kid had said he'd bring it tomorrow. No. Hick saw the kids go by, with the dogs barking and running along with them. But nobody came up the driveway.

Wednesday, came. Hick watched. No saver card.

Thursday and Friday were inclement weather days, with snow and ice, and school was canceled. So those kids had no reason to walk by our house.

Saturday and Sunday, Hick went to his Storage Unit Store, figuring his saver card was not going to be delivered on the weekend. But he still had hope! If he didn't get his saver card in a couple weeks, he was going to ask our across-the-road neighbor. The human mom of the Killer Poodle and Crazy Rottweiler. He'd seen her name just above his, when he signed the saver card list after paying his $15.

I'm not sure of the plan. I doubt Hick & Company would go after those kids with pitchforks and flaming torches. But they'd put it on the association Facebook, asking if anybody got their saver card after paying, and try to microcosmically shame the kids into delivering the saver cards as promised. Though I doubt kids are even on Facebook these days!

While Hick still had hope, I think he was pretty much resigned to losing that $15.

Monday at 4:14, Hick sent me a text. "The boys just brought my card."

It looks like a good one. We use all but 4 of those places. Nothing against them, we'll probably go, it's just that we don't frequent them.

 The front has a line of numbers to be punched out when you present the card. I'm betting that some places won't have a puncher handy, or the teenage clerk won't know what to do. Not that I want to cheat to get extra value out of this card, mind you. I don't control the punches.

We have a whole year to get our bargains. If we use it for just a couple of these buy one/get one meals, the $15 will have been repaid.

Hick is very happy with his saver card. The first thing he mentioned was the Dairy Queen Blizzard. Hick likes his ice cream.


  1. We used to buy a huge book of bargains for $25. Pretty sure we never got our monies worth out of it. At least Hick got his, I think he will break even at least. DQ and pizza alone should cover $15.

    1. Yeah, and we really like Catfish Kettle, so that almost by itself would get the money back.

  2. That does look like a good card to have, lots of free meals etc. I'd be taking advantage of unpunched holes though, I'm sneaky like that.
    We sometimes get bargain saver books in the mail, mostly for the seniors, with discounts on things I never ever use, like travel, hairdressing, theatre, restaurants I can't possibly get to at the specified times or dates. I just throw or give the books away.

    1. We don't get anything that good for free, but a couple days ago we got 4 coupons from Orb K.

      A free Polar Pop, any size (that means a 44 oz Diet Coke)!

      30 cents per gallon off gas (Hick needs gas in SilverRedO).

      A free can of Monster energy drink. (We don't drink it, but HOS might)

      A gallon of milk for $.99! (We'll never use that much milk, but again, HOS might)

    2. With a gallon of milk I can make a fridge load of chocolate pudding, yum! all it takes is the milk, some cornflour, cocoa powder and sugar. Works out much, much cheaper than buying those little plastic tubs of it.

    3. That's more than HOS would do with it!

  3. That card has lots of good stuff on it!!

    1. Yes, I was pleasantly surprised. Even if we just use half of them, we'll make a "profit" on our (Hick's) $15.

  4. Replies
    1. He was almost giddy with excitement. And restored faith in humanity.