Friday, November 1, 2013

And It's Easy to Find Parking!

This weekend, I'm going to treat myself to a shopping spree. Don't you worry about Val's 44 oz. Diet Coke money. This shopping spree will not break the bank. No Black Friday for Val. No Cyber Monday. This will be the first annual Gray Google Saturday. I'm in the market for writing contests.

I've seen several shared by my blogging buddies. And I have a couple that I enter every now and then, as the mood strikes, and as my procrastination ebbs. None of that NaNoWriMo for Val. Too imposing. I'll just putter along and whip something up on a whim. Let it marinate. Refine it. And send it out, like a child on the first day of school, wishing it success, but yearning to hold onto it, to keep it mine.

Gray Google Saturday. No crowds to fight. No long loading times. Just me and my keyboard and my BFF Google.

I'm sure to stop before I drop.


  1. Good luck with your contests, Val. I've only entered a couple, with little to trumpet about.

    Chicken Soup has a November 30 (I think) deadline for "Home Sweet Home" stories. Surely your country villa is story-worthy?

  2. Well, someone has to keep the economy going and it might as well be you.

  3. The internet has been the gift of the gods for writers, introverts and researchers. Okay, sometimes there's still a lot of trash covering the treasures but what fun in the rummage! I like your thinking on puttering, whipping and marinating. Sounds like a recipe for success.

  4. Sioux,
    I think I sent one in already. My country villa is story-worthy. I just don't know if it's Chicken Soup worthy.

    Way to contain your enthusiasm! I was hoping to have my proposed handbasket factory up and running by now. I guess my little shopping spree will have to suffice.

    I'm all about the recipe. But not like those elderly sisters on The Waltons.