Friday, November 8, 2013

Say Hello to My Little Twins

They're heeeere!

Today I received my contributor copies of Spirits of St. Louis: Missouri Ghost Stories. I have not yet cracked their spines, but I know that blog buddy Donna Volkenannt is between the covers with me. Donna and me and 29 of our spookiest peers.

Ghost-hunt up one of these for yourself. Read the creepy tales while the porch witches are still astride their broomsticks. In Backroads, anyway. Folks are slow to undecorate in these parts.

Yep. Read 'em and you eschew proper decorum just before jumping out of your skin. Read 'em and creep...upstairs to bed in hopes of going unnoticed by unseen entities. Read 'em and heap...layers of blankets over your head and feet so nothing can grab you as you snooze. Read 'em and keep...the lights on all night as if that will hold spirits at bay. Read 'em and leap...out of your skin at the spine-tingling parts. Read 'em and peep...around corners before entering a room. Read 'em and weep...because these Read 'Ems are over now!

What else do you have to do all winter? Grab a hot beverage, prop your feet up in front of the fireplace, and enter the world of the unexplained.

What's that behind you?


  1. What's that behind me? Oh my God, it's my behind behind me. And that's a terrifying sight!

  2. Congrats, Val! You're on a roll. Just keep on writing and submitting, and you'll keep getting published! I'm so proud of you and happy for you!!

  3. Sioux,
    STOP LOOKING BEHIND YOU! There are some things more terrifying than ghost sightings.

    Now I want a roll. A Hawaiian sweet roll with real butter from Save A Lot. Mmm...and I know better than to look behind me.

  4. So when do Halloween decorations come down in your neck of the woods?

  5. Stephen,
    I predict they will come down the week before Thanksgiving, in order to have time to put up Christmas decorations. Of course, here at my homestead, the Christmas lights stay up year round, hooked onto the soffits.

    Hick has ceased decorating for Halloween, what with that darn beagle burrowing into the hay bales to nap.