Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Winner, Winner, Hot Dog Dinner

Perhaps Hick and I should not have indulged in such exotic fare for our casino lunch on the Tuesday of Christmas week. If we'd stuffed down a quick hot dog like The Pony, and gone right back to the gaming floor, maybe WE would have been winners like The Pony. But no. We took our time. Chewed our food thoroughly. Checked our phones. Asked for takeout containers for our leftovers. Hick took them out to A-Cad before returning to gamble. 

I left the dining area, walked to the second machine from the exit, and plopped my ample rumpus on the stool. It was an Indian Dreaming slot. A stand-alone version of the game I like to play on the Wonder 4 Rising Fortunes. Bets ranged from 30 cents a spin to 2 dollars, I think. I mainly played at 50 cents and 1 dollar. I played over a half hour there, winning and losing it back. A couple times I won $50. And a couple times I won $100. I added some to my cash-out ticket, and played the rest. I didn't get a picture of any winning screens. This slot is not very bright or colorful. It didn't occur to me. 
I finished the gambling day with a decent sum of cash, but I was not ahead from the casino bankroll that I brought along. Hick lost $40, and was thrilled about it, because it wasn't his own money, as I had given us each some Christmas money to wager. Hick had actually profited some, leaving with more than he'd brought to gamble with, since I doled out the Christmas cash in the parking lot before we entered.

I DID take one picture, just because the screen was all pretty with a win.
I really expected a better payout than $75. I guess that's why I don't play these kinds of slots. Hick is always plopping down in front of an unknown game, feeding it a twenty, and sometimes reaping a profit. This slot was called Winning Streak. It was over by the cash-out machines, next to a dragon game that had paid Hick $80 on a 30-cent bet a few trips ago. Guess I should have played THAT ONE! Or maybe bet 30 cents instead of a dollar! Anyhoo... I just took the picture for the colorful screen.
And now, for our big winner, THE PONY!
That's not The Pony. That's Heidi. Of Heidi's Bier Haus, the slot machine. You have to get 5 Heidis to trigger a bonus. The Pony got a few extra. This is right before time to leave. The Pony had upped his bet to $2.25 a spin, to play out his remaining money before cashing out and meeting us up front. I think he had about $15 in it when he hit this bonus. It paid him $671.10. He put in another ticket he'd been saving to cash out, and the amount he took to the cash-out machine was $777.06. Which kind of irritated The Pony, as he wished for one extra cent. Supposedly, 7s are lucky for gamblers. In fact, the address of many casinos, including this one is 777 Something-or-Other Boulevard.

So... The Pony was a big winner. Hick and I were okay with our losses. Everybody had a festive time on this December 22 casino trip!


  1. Winning is always nice, but you make it fun and make me want to gamble.

    1. Oh, no! I'm not trying to make anybody want to gamble! I can't take on such responsibility!

      I'm just sharing our outings, since that's the only place I go besides the grocery store and convenience stores these days.

      I've always liked the gambling games. The boys got me a computer CD with assorted games that I LOVE to play. I think it's called HOYLE Casino Games. It has different poker games with fake people competitors, and different slots, and Blackjack, and even horse racing. All played with fake computer money. I think if I lose it all, I have to create a new identity! Or maybe I can reload it. I never go online to play the free slots that some casino websites offer. Don't want the ads that would pop up all willy-nilly thereafter!

  2. Wow! Go Pony! I'd say it's his turn to pay for the meals next time you all go to the casino together.

    1. If The Pony is paying, Hick had better kiss his pie goodbye!