Wednesday, December 23, 2020

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Old Christmas

Genius sent a picture of his Christmas tree.
Don't tell anyone, but it's not real! It's the tree he got for the first Christmas of his adult life, working in Kansas City for that GPS gadget company, programming navigation information for boats. I mean ships. Like giant YACHTS. Not that there are tiny yachts, of course.

Anyhoo... Genius packed up his Christmas tree when he moved to Pittsburgh. I'm pretty sure he put it in a box, and didn't strap it to the roof of his Honda CRV. You can see some of the ornaments are Star Wars themed. They belong to his roommate, who is a fan. Genius himself is not. 

In the background, you can see Genius's balcony. Where he MAY use his smokeless grill that he's getting for Christmas. Shh... it's a secret!

Here was our communication by text:
"Such a tasteful tree!"
"It's too small! I wanted to buy a bigger one but got shut down."
"Ours is still up from when you were here last year! But with fewer working lights."
[EMOJI eye-roll] 

"Do not EMOJudge me!"

"I'll judge as I please!"

Same old Genius. I really miss him.



  1. I didn't bother to put one up, although I am quite sure Mr. BoJangles would enjoy it!

    1. I would be more concerned about Martha the Boy Cat, but maybe he's fat and sassy, and batting at Christmas ornaments is beneath him!

  2. You're a great family, ripe for your blog posts.

  3. "I'll judge as I please"
    There's an adult who has cut the apron strings.
    I like his tree and love the Star Wars ornaments.
    My tree is also fake, also still in its box in a trunk in the shed :(

    1. I really miss having Genius under my thumb. He bought the tree when he had a smaller apartment. Now I guess he wanted a bigger tree, since he's living in Pittsburg, "movin' on up" to a deluxe apartment.

      I guess your tree and my tree have something in common. They've stayed in the same place all year! Yours in the shed, and mine in the basement living area.

  4. Replies
    1. I have a feeling he's sitting astride his high-horse, peering down his nose at the memory of OUR Christmas tree!

      I'm surprised he hasn't gotten a SILVER Christmas tree, to fit in with his fancy-schmancy decor.

    2. nonononono! trees MUST be green, fake or otherwise.

    3. I agree! I actually think they should be REAL, but a few years ago Hick decreed FAKE ONLY.

      For a couple of wonderful years when the boys were small, we had a fake tree upstairs, and a real Scotch Pine in the basement, courtesy of the family (Mom's side) Christmas tree farm.

  5. One day he will look back at your old tree with fondness and good memories. Merry Christmas. New post on my blog, finally.

    1. Yes. One day. And probably ONLY for ONE DAY!