Thursday, February 17, 2022

Val's Casino SADwich

Good news and bad news! Hick took us to the casino on Tuesday. I felt just fine. Walked around without needing to grasp the back of chairs, or sit down before reaching my destination. The only hiccup was when I was ready to leave, but that's another tale. We'll get to the bad news in a few paragraphs...

When Hick proposed the casino trip, I was worried about being able to walk around. By Sunday and Monday, I was feeling more normal. So my thoughts turned to anticipation of the LUNCH we would have at the casino. I could not decide! I even discussed it with The Pony.

"I don't know what I want! I love the catfish nuggets, but I don't think I'm ready for so much fried food. I might go with the burger. You and Dad get it, and it looks so good! But I also like the Philly Cheesesteak. And the grilled chicken club is pretty good. And also the pulled pork. If I got one of those sandwiches, would you want the Texas Toast? One slice of it?"

"I do like the Texas Toast, but I don't need it. Get what you want."

"I just can't decide! I guess I'll know when I get there."

We met at 1:30 for lunch. Got in line. Hick ordered the burger and curly fries, and the Oreo Pie. Pony also got a burger, with regular fries. He saw that they now have a CHOCOLATE fried pie on the menu, and got one. It was his birthday too, you know.

While I was in line, I saw they still had the Smothered Pork Loin Po Boy on the menu! Hick had it last time, and it looked really good. He ate it all before I could ask for a bite. But I got a picture back then!
It had looked so good that I wanted one now!
"I'll have the Pork Loin Po Boy, with tater tots."

"Oh. Well. I think we're out of gravy. Let me check." The order-taker went over to the window, and yelled in, and came back saying that they were indeed out of gravy.

"That's okay. Can I have it without the gravy? We don't have to smother my Po Boy! We can let him live."

She giggled. "Yes. You can have it without gravy."

We went to the table, where they now have all the condiments on the table again, in a wire basket. And napkins in a holder, so you don't have to ration the ones they bring. We sat and waited. And waited. It was taking WAY longer than usual. 

"I hate using my gambling time to sit here! It's been 30 minutes! Darn you guys for ordering a burger! They take a long time to cook!"

"How do you know it's not your Po Boy?"

"Because it's already cooked! They were just out of the gravy. So we're waiting on a fresh burger."

FINALLY the food came out. Carried by a different gal than took our order. "I have a burger with fries?"

"Here. That's mine."

That's The Pony's burger and fries. He's busy adding ketchup and mayo to the top bun, which he set aside.
"And a pulled pork."

"Uh. I ordered the pork PO BOY. Not pulled pork."

"Oh. Okay." She left and came back with Hick's burger and curly fries, and Pony's chocolate pie. "Bad news. We are out of the gravy."

"I know that. That's why I said 30 minutes ago that I'd take it without the gravy, and the girl said that was fine."

The food-carrier acted put-out. "Okay. I'll go get a Po Boy."

"Now they'll do something to it! She was NOT happy to be called out on that Po Boy. If I get sick, you'll know it was from this food! Where's the receipt? That Po Boy was $11, not $8 like your burgers! Hey! It only shows the total. Not the itemized order. So I can't even PROVE that we paid for the Po Boy, and she's trying to serve me an $8 pulled pork!"

"Calm down, Val. She'll bring your food."

"But you'll be done by then! I'm always the last one done. It's taking up my gambling time!"

That's Hick's burger and curly fries. Of course he started eating right away. As did The Pony. Leaving me to watch and stew in my own juices. The Pony was also enjoying his burger, and his chocolate pie.

The Pony's pie was HUGE, and also very full of the chocolate filling.

It took another 15 minutes to get my Pork Loin Po Boy. The food carrier came back. "Here's a Pork Loin Po Boy with fresh tater tots. And an Oreo Pie." Which Hick had asked for twice. He usually gets it at the beginning, and has it eaten by the time his burger gets to the table. But at least he GOT IT.
I call shenanigans on my Po Boy!
Look at it! Is that not the saddest sandwich you've ever seen? I don't really think that's pork loin! I think it's pulled pork that they slapped on a roll with cheese and onions. It doesn't even cover the roll! It's not nearly as good a sandwich as when I get the Philly Cheesesteak. Or even the pulled pork on Texas Toast. This is a SADwich!

I ate it all. Even the roll. Gotta keep up my strength, you know! I normally eat the meat and half the roll. I didn't finish the tater tots.

I will not be ordering the Pork Loin Po Boy again! I might even go with a burger. It's way better than a SADwich!


  1. I hate it when they serve part of the table! It is just so wrong. Did it at least taste good?

    1. I hate it when you pay for one dish, and they bring you a dish that's $3 cheaper! My SADwich was tasty enough, but low on meat. Something that is unusual for this place, where it's usually piled high.

  2. Hope you are not pushing the sickness envelope here. The pork loin is enticing. How was the pie?

    1. I can't zip myself in plastic, and be a stay-at-home Bubble Boy whose only interaction is playing Trivial Pursuit with some random Humpty Dumpty With a Melon Head who shows up to wait for a friend.

      Our casino trip was on the 25th day since I came down with the sickness on Jan 22. It was 6 days after the doctor released me to go about my business. And 12 days after I left the hospital. I felt okay to go, so I wasn't pushing it.

      The ORIGINAL pork loin that Hick had in December is enticing. Mine was low on pork loin.

      I had two bites of The Pony's pie. It was tasty, with so much filling, but very sweet, and a bit greasy. Of course Hick did not offer me a bite of his Oreo Pie. I assume it was good.

  3. That is a very sad looking sandwich. I'm wondering now if the gravy usually hides a lack of meat in those things. The curly fries look tasty. I'm not sure I'd like a fried chocolate pie.

    1. No, the gravy doesn't hide the meat, because in the first picture of Hick's original Smothered Pork Loin Po Boy, you can clearly see a LOT of meat.

      The pie was just too much sweetness and fried-ness.