Friday, February 18, 2022

Val Gets Her Casino Legs Back

Our casino trip on Tuesday was a grand day for Val. No, there was NOT an $8,600 win this time. They took that slot machine out! The best part of this trip was that I FELT FINE! I was walking slowly, but I didn't get out of breath or dizzy. I didn't have to stop and sit, nor hobble from chair to chair. I didn't relish standing for very long, but I was ambulatory without need of a helping hand.

Hick dropped us off, and went to see his pawn shop lady. He might have gotten a bit of merchandise for his Storage Unit Store, but he didn't talk about it. So maybe he didn't. The Pony and I went to play our regular machines, but as I was walking to my Wild Wild Nugget, some guy stepped over to it and sat down! The very NERVE of him to disrupt our gambling routine!

The Pony was loyal, and didn't sit down at his Pompeii. We continued deeper into the casino to our Buffalo slots. I don't even know the names of these newer ones. They have NEVER paid me a cent since they were put in. During our Christmas trip, Genius and The Pony both won a couple hundred on them. So I figured I'd give them another chance. The Pony went to the next circular kiosk of a slot with the white Buffalo. I sat down at the first one.

I made a good choice. That Buffalo started giving me little wins to keep me playing for a while on my twenty. When it eventually ran out, I contemplated moving one slot to my left, but figured since this one was letting me play, I'd stay put. I slid in another twenty, and on the first spin, I hit a bonus.

This was a bonus within the bonus. Look, one of them is a $50 block! Anyhoo... by the time the bonus was complete, I had won $215.

I was happy with that! But you know what? A man had sat down at the slot machine to the left, where I'd considered moving. And he won a HAND PAY! I don't know exactly how much. He was calling someone on his phone, and said he was down to $14, and won $80, and decided he'd play $10 bets until he used up that money. Because he'd seen someone winning on $10 bets there last week. That sure worked out for HIM! Even if I'd switched, I wouldn't have been making $10 bets. And the timing would have been different. So I'm sure I would not have gotten a hand pay from that machine. A hand pay is at least $1,200. The staff have to bring out paperwork, and then they count out your money into your hand. Unless you choose a check. Federal taxes are automatically withheld.

From there I went to play a LOSING Wonder 4 Boost. I hit a bonus that paid me $4. That should be a crime! Hick made me mad here, because he walked up behind me and PUT HIS HAND ON MY SHOULDER! You don't do that in a casino! I was counting spins in my head, concentrating on my losing, heh, heh, when I felt a HAND ON MY SHOULDER. Then Hick leaned over and asked how I was doing. How was I supposed to know it wasn't some WEIRDO touching me? Of course he had a little fit when I told him not to do that, and swore that he talked before he touched me. Which he DID NOT!

By then it was time for lunch. A waste of a lot of good gambling time, just to eat my SADwich!

After lunch, I wanted to play Miss Kitty. But every time I went there, some inconsiderate body was on it! Didn't they know that I was there, getting my casino legs back after a four-day hospital stay twelve days ago???

I went to my Wonder 4 Tower, and had a good time, but lost a little. I found The Pony, who was having some success on a wheel-spinning slot that worked like a little devil kind of slot we play in Oklahoma. Darn it! ANOTHER person was on my Miss Kitty! I looked around, and saw a new set of slots that were Asian themed. Of course I went over there, because...

When I got up that morning, I'd been skimming HIPPIE before getting ready, and the screen that popped up on Bing was full of red lanterns. I don't know if they were Japanese or Chinese lanterns, but I showed The Pony, and said, "Remind me to play a slot with lanterns."

Well, lookie here what popped up before I went through a twenty! I hit a bonus with FOUR lanterns, when only three were required. You may consider these fireworks, but to me, they were close enough to lanterns! 

They gave me 15 free games. I had no idea how this slot worked, but it was fun to play. Good thing I had that lantern stuff on my mind.

It wasn't a big payoff, but it was a win! That Golden Gong slot gave me several more bonuses. One of them a little better:

Anyhoo... I left there and went to the finally available Miss Kitty. Where I had a grand time, playing that Wonder 4 Wheel game. I got several bonuses, but none of them worthy of pictures. Okay. They were good enough for pictures, but it was my last 30 minutes of play before I had to meet Hick up front. So I didn't take time for pictures. I played until 4:28, and scurried to the cash machines to redeem my big ticket I'd been building all day.

Standing at the cash machine was my low point of the day. It took so long to cash out my bills, and then feed them back into smaller bills for my next gambling trip... that I got a bit weak-kneed. I was okay though! Just had to walk a little slower to meet Hick, who of course was already up front. He went to bring A-Cad around to the front. The Pony appeared.

It was a decent day at the casino for Thevictorians. I won back every cent of my casino bankroll, plus another 10 percent over it. The Pony finished either 5 percent up, or 5 percent down. He couldn't remember if he added part of his bankroll to the birthday money he brought to spend. Hick lost 30 percent of his casino bankroll. Which is great for Hick, since he usually spends it all. Though his bankroll IS less than The Pony and I take to wager.

We were there four-and-a-half hours. So that's pretty good entertainment for a recovering hospitVALite. Especially since I turned a profit!


  1. Congrats on your win. Looks like Val just might be back in business very soon, if not already. Glad you had a good time (with exception of a very Sadwich) and got a shot at the Kitty machine. Looks like your baby steps are getting a bit bigger. Good to hear. Ranee (MN)

    1. I drove to the store alone today. I'm making toddler steps!

  2. I see my comment floated off into the ether. What I said was: If someone put a hand on my shoulder while I was concentrating on something I would have jumped ten feet into the air. I think I also congratulated you on your wins.

    1. Thanks. I DID jump! Not 10 feet. Gravity has a good grip on me and my ample rumpus.