Wednesday, October 16, 2019

One More Reason I'm Pretty Sure Hick Is Trying to Kill Me

You might recall T-Hoe's recent overnight stay at Mick the Mechanic's shop. You'll never guess what Mick discovered as the reason for the red brake light warning and Stabilitrak Off yellow skid light. T-Hoe was low on brake fluid!!! Yeah. You'd think someone as knowledgeable of cars as Hick would have been able to check that one thing himself.

We have not gotten Mick's bill yet, because he had to order a new passenger side mirror, and Hick will schedule a new appointment for T-Hoe when he's good and ready. When questioned about why Hick himself couldn't diagnose T-Hoe's brake problem, Hick admitted that if he'd bothered to check the brake fluid, he would have known to add some.

Mick also reset a bunch of stuff, which he said made the seat heater work again. I don't know, since I haven't tried it yet.

I guess I can forgive Hick for letting me drive two weeks on bad brakes, due to his lackadaisical attitude. Although to me, brakes are the one thing I wouldn't trifle with, had I the knowledge and wherewithal to diagnose and fix the problem.

Here's the latest reason I'm pretty sure Hick is trying to kill me...

The DAY AFTER T-Hoe came back from Mick the Mechanic's fixin', the ENGINE LIGHT came on! Yeah. It's a yellow light, in the shape of a motor. It's been on before, came and went. At one point, I discovered that it came on after getting gas, and went off after a couple times of removing, then tightening the gas cap. Pure coincidence, perhaps, but I think I read about that fix online. It did not work this time.

I'm sure I've mentioned that a couple years ago, I got Hick a little gadget that can plug into T-Hoe, and read his computer mind about the warning systems. It gives a code to diagnose the problem. That little gadget is laying on the mantel of the electric fireplace, right by Hick's La-Z-Boy. Hick was shocked that T-Hoe had a problem right after leaving Mick's shop.

"He said he reset all those systems, so maybe one of them messed with the engine light."

"Don't you have a gadget to check the warnings?"

"Yeah. I'll take a look at it."

Sunday, when I got in T-Hoe for my 44 oz Diet Coke trip, the ENGINE LIGHT was OFF! That evening, I asked Hick if he'd been messing with T-Hoe.

"I took my thing out there and plugged it in. It gave me a code, then I reset the engine light."

"Okay. What's wrong with it?"

"I didn't have the book out to look up the code. I'll do it later tonight, or tomorrow."

Tomorrow came. Hick and I were sweaving along in A-Can, on the way home from supper, so I again asked what was wrong with T-Hoe.

"I don't know."

"You said you were going to look it up."

"I forgot the code."

"So you found out what might be wrong, but you don't know what it was, yet you reset the warning light, so everything looks fine?"


I'm pretty sure Hick is trying to kill me. Perhaps with Mick as an accomplice.


  1. It is time to have a sit down with Hicks. He needs a comeuppance.

    1. I tried that, but Hick is in denial! Maybe if I "forget" to have his supper ready before he leaves for his auctions three nights a week, he will begin to understand...

  2. Those engine warning lights are fakey things. Here in Arizona we get one that comes on if the car originally came from California because they have higher standards for pollution (whoda thunk it) and the controls are set differently.

    1. T-Hoe's engine light has behaved since the gas cap episode of a couple years ago. With other stuff going wrong lately, I'm afraid to ASSUME it's nothing. Apparently, Hick is not.

    2. I take this to mean that in Arizona, your car can pollute all willy-nilly, compared to California?

  3. Please, please, save my sanity and check the code book and gadget yourself! it's your car, you should know as much as you can about the workings of it. Hick is clearly too lazy to care enough, although he'd probably be all over it if you decided to sell T-Hoe at his garage sale place. My own daughter T knows everything there is to know about her car and of course her husband does too since he values her safety.

    1. My intent was to take matters into my own fingertips, and look up the code online. Except Hick forgot the code. I don't know how to plug in that little contraption, and now that the light has been reset, I don't think it would give a code anyway.

      When I was single, I knew the basics of changing a tire and an air filter and fuses. How to add water to the radiator, check the oil, fill up the windshield washer fluid, replace the wipers. My dad made sure of that.

      Once I captured Hick, I figured those were his duties. Just like he figured cleaning the toilet was now MY duty.

  4. Well then. Pretend you are single and learn about your car and its gadgets. Tell Hick to pretend he is still single and clean his own toilet. He already does his own washing.