Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving on Saturday with Genius

After days of preparation, making a special trip to Walmart on Wednesday, risking life and limb, putting my toes at the mercy of numerous beeper carts, to pick up ingredients for the favorites Genius had requested...we had our Thanksgiving meal today at 1:00.

Let the record show that I did the majority of preparations on Friday. I peeled 27 of the 36 eggs I'd bought on Wednesday and boiled on Thursday, to make Genius's potato salad and deviled eggs. I wrapped his green bean bundles (bacon around green beans, doused with butter and brown sugar, sprinkled with garlic salt, to be baked for 45 minutes at 350 degrees). I deviled 14 eggs. I peeled potatoes I'd boiled on Thursday, and peeled more eggs, and slapped together the potato salad. I baked bacon to be used in the 7 layer salad, and let baby carrots cook along with it for flavor.

So time-consuming were the deviled eggs, potato salad, and green bean bundles that I ran out of time for making the 7 layer salad.

There it is, in all its magnificent glory, upon completion Saturday morning. Layer on top of succulent layer! Romaine lettuce, green onions, boiled eggs, peas, mayonnaise, shredded sharp cheddar, and bacon. Hick and I love it, but Genius prefers only five layers, leaving out the peas and mayonnaise. I make a separate salad for him, and he likes Bleu Cheese dressing on his. Of course the one in Frig II's door was expired. So I headed to town Friday evening to get some.

Look what greeted me at Country Mart's door!

This picture is actually taken from inside the store. A man was coming out as I entered, and he gave me half an evil eye when I stopped and took out my phone, looking at the penny. I figured he wanted it for himself. I hung around a few minutes, but he stayed there in front of the door, and a worker came out and played chicken with my cart, so I gave up. I was pretty bitter throughout my quest for dishwashing liquid and Bleu Cheese dressing. That was MY rightful penny! Left there for ME to find! Not some old guy who probably had never made a Thanksgiving dinner in his life.

Imagine my surprise after I checked out, to see that the penny was still there, kind of disguised by the color of the tile.

You can bet I nabbed that beauty (a 2014) and put it in my pocket! My mom's last Thanksgiving was in 2014. We always went to her house, and she cooked the meal. In 2014, on the day before Thanksgiving, Mom had a seizure while preparing some dishes ahead of time. My sister the ex-mayor's wife had gone to Mom's house to see if she needed any help, and was there to call 911.

This morning, I had ONE task left, and that was to make the 7 layer salad. I got all the layers ready before putting them together. Diced the green onions, peeled and chopped the eggs, and cut up the bacon.

As I was turning from the kitchen counter with leaves of romaine in my hand to tear into the salad bowl...I noticed something on the floor.

Can't have a family holiday around here without a couple messages from beyond...

Let the record show that this was penny #62 for my Future Pennyillionaire collection.


  1. I don't think I've ever had a lady bug inside the house...but then I never knew your mom, so that makes sense.

    1. Or maybe your house is just more weatherproof, and you don't have a Hick flapping the door open and shut all the live-long day...

  2. Hey! Look at that! Your mum dropped in to say Hi and keep an eye on the proceedings :)
    Here in Australia, romaine is called cos and it's my favourite lettuce.
    Thanks for the picture of the layered salad.

    1. We've had ladybug sightings recently after a long dry spell. Don't know what's up with that.

      I love romaine! It has that crunchy part like a spine. My layers turned out pretty good this time.

  3. That seven layer salad looks like a lot of (too much) work!!

    1. That's what makes it even more delicious! We don't have it very often.