Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Have Your Cake and Emoji Too

Let the record show that The Pony was a responsible gambler with the money I gave him to play on during our casino outing on Saturday. For the most part, he stayed with me, and we socialized while being robbed side by side by the one-armed bandits. Oh, and in case you don't frequent casinos...most of those bandits are armless these days.

Anyhoo...The Pony was raking in wins left and right, while I was not. When he'd hit a good winner, he'd say, "I'm cashing that out and saving it." Then he'd put away the ticket, and play on new money. Kudos to him! He cashed out $227 when we left. Anyhoo...this is not about introducing The Pony to a new vice. It's about embarrassing him (or not, he doesn't really seem to care about what people think) over his best friend.

Saturday night, we were chatting with The Pony at our hotel after lupper (late lunch/early supper). He bemoaned the fact that his phone only had 5% charge left. He had been texting intermittently, as young 'uns these days are wont to do, even while visiting with their loving parents who have driven 9 hours to see them for only the fourth time in a year.

"You can probably take me back to my apartment any time you're ready."

"Do you have plans? Who are you texting?"

"No plans. Just talking to GalPal (his friend who drove to Oklahoma City to pick him up at the airport after the airline snafu and nine-hour layover). She's been working on stuff with her sorority."

"Did you tell her you have CAKE?"

"No. But I will."

We took The Pony home. On the way, he said that GalPal had responded that she might come hang out for a while. The next day, on the drive home, I sent The Pony a text. I wasn't even sure he was up yet, but it WAS after noon, and I was bored.

"Did GalPal come have cake?" Let the record show that in place of "cake" I put an emoji of a slice of cake.

"Yes. And why are you using emojis? She only had a small piece but she also enjoyed Chex Mix."

"Because I CAN! They pop up at the bottom of my phone. I put extra garlic in the Chex Mix. I hope you didn't kiss, heh, heh."

"Mom! I've told youuuuu, she's not into dating."

"I know. Thus the HEH, HEH. Besides, I said kiss, not dating."

"Kissing is involved in that!"

"For all I know, you two had a drug and alcohol and cake and Chex Mix fueled orgy on your $227! Which doesn't necessarily involve kissing!"

"For the record, I'm showing her that."

"I have a warped sense of humor. If she tolerates being around you, she will get it."

"She says, 'Holy shit she sounds like my mom.'"

"See? That's not a bad thing! Now let's up the stakes exponentially...when you said you were showing her that, I could have said, 'Oh, is she still there? Roll over and wake her up, then.'"

No response.

"I know you're punching your forehead with your fist."

That was at 12:52. I did not get a response. At least we're still on speaking texting terms. At 4:05 when I informed The Pony that we were passing his favorite Steak n Shake, he replied. But only with, "Nice!"

Do you think I crossed the line? It's not like I said it in front of GalPal. I'm pretty sure the Blogosphere can be discreet about such matters...


  1. Whew! You're treading on thin ice(cream) there, Val.

  2. No. Our kids give us gray hair and wrinkles. It's okay to skate waaaay over the line.

    1. Consider that line crossed, under your auspices.

  3. It isn't in his best interests to stay angry with you for very long, if he knows what's good for him. Besides, you didn't say anything outrageous.

    1. He knows whose money his rolls are buttered with! The Pony has said some outrageous things once or twice. I just shake my head.

  4. Replies
    1. How shocking, that you agree with Catalyst, but Sioux has a different opinion! Oh, wait. That happens a lot...

  5. With a GalPal he's going to have to get used to comments like this from you. And probably from her mum too.

    1. Yeah. I totally understand that they are just friends, but it's fun to tease The Pony.

  6. You realize you could be giving him ideas? LOL at EXTRA garlic int he Chex Mix, so don't kiss.

    1. No ideas intended!

      The Pony LOVES garlic, and even when I include extra, he often adds it to his Chex Mix from a shaker of garlic salt or garlic powder. If a vampire comes a-knockin', The Pony is at no risk of joining the undead!

  7. The Pony's not much of a player (& I don't mean slots)!!